In a world where we’re all practicing social distancing measures, it’s no surprise that our lives are increasingly dependent on digital technology. Whether it be video calling friends or watching movies together online, there have never been such easy ways to keep in contact with anyone for any length of time without the need for traditional face-to-face interactions.

But while these technological wonders can help us stay connected from afar and get content writing services delivered via email within hours instead of days - they also come at an expense; like isolation which is widespread due to this global crisis leaving many feeling disconnected even if they’ve got people around them who care about them dearly enough not to abandon their friendship when times become difficult people might feel isolated but nevertheless with these apps they can stay connected.


Watch2gether is one of the most popular services for watching videos with long-distance friends. This platform has particularly got attention due to its straightforward approach to the group video watching experience. One does not have to follow some complex registration process to use their service. 

Once the user has created their account, they will make their video watching room. They can invite their friends to be a part of that room, and they can watch videos together. Whether it be YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or Soundcloud, Watch2gether is one of the best group video watching services out there on the internet today. 


Kast, formally known as Rabbit, is another brilliant service for watching videos together online. Kast, unlike Watch2gether, supports almost all the leading streaming services on its platform. This includes Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and various other services. You can access Kast from Web browser as well as through your Android or iOS system.  

A group watching profile on Kast is called Party. One person has control over the Party while people can join in. The Party can be private or public, depending on your preference. The basic version of Kast is entirely free to use while if you want the premium service, then you have to pay a nominal 4.99$ per month. 


What you get with a free version of TwoSeven is a fully supported service for YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, and HBO. Although once you purchase its monthly service that costs only $3, you can add Disney Plus and Hulu to the list. 

TwoSeven makes our list for being one of the most economical services available right now. This service offers a lot at an extremely decent price tag. TwoSeven is easy to use while providing a simple and efficient way to watch your favorite movies and TV shows with your best friends. 


Syncplay needs to be mentioned due to its comparatively different approach than most other services. Instead of streaming services, this app allows you to watch movies from your hard drive with your friends online. 

You can add videos from media players on your pc, whether it be VLC, KM Player, or Media player classic (among others). This way, you don’t need to have a subscription for different online streaming platforms like Netflix or HBO. If you have a movie or show downloaded on your hard drive, then you and your friends can watch it together. 

Netflix Party:

What can be a better option than Netflix’s very own group streaming service? If you are a fan of Netflix’s service, then this is what you are looking for. This can be the most convenient app to watch Netflix with your friends from anywhere in the world. The only noticeable disadvantage of this service is that it is Netflix-exclusive.   

The service is hassle-free to use. You have to install the app from the website into your computer. After that play the selected movie or show on Netflix, and you will get the “create your party” option on that video. Also, if you have a Netflix account, then you can get this service for free!  


If you are looking forward to a long-distance movie date with your loved one, then Gaze is the best service for you. The catch is, you can only add one other person to gaze your room in this service. So, this might be the best app for a long-distance date night for you with your partner. 

Gaze can also be used for video calls and chatting, while it exclusively supports YouTube as the online platform. However, you can again watch the videos from your hard drive through this service. 

Plex VR:

Plex VR is a unique service because it also works towards creating a virtual reality-based experience for you and your friends. It offers multiple atmospheric options from a loft apartment to a mysterious barren land. You and your group of friends can access videos by adding them to your Plex library. 

Although to use Plex’s VR based services, all the group members need Google Daydream, Gear VR, or Oculus Go facility with them. This is an expensive option for a movie night, although it is worth it! 


MyCircleTV might be the most straightforward service among these options for you. It offers a friendly group chat-based system where you and your friends can watch videos together while chatting.

One can share videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo on this service while one can also upload stuff of up to 5GB from their hard drive or cloud storage. 


Scener is another unique service that provides the facility to watch Netflix with friends. This service offers a simple and accessible system of functioning where you can very easily add your friends for group video chat.

While it immediately syncs the videos for the right group watching experience. You can add up to 20 people to a Scener friends group while the only streaming service it supports is Netflix. 

Sync Video:

If you are looking for a free and straightforward group watching service, then Sync Video is for you. The best thing about this service is that it offers the best privacy in comparison to the other services. The whole system is built with extra care focused on your privacy. You can add videos from YouTube and Vimeo to watch with your friends on this service. 

The Internet and its technological innovation have truly revolutionized our lives. Whether you are trying to watch movies with your long-distance friends or need content writing services, you can find them on the internet today.

When it comes to staying in touch with your loved ones, then these group movie watching services can keep you connected to them.

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We hope these 10 apps will help you find a way to watch movies with your friends, even if they’re not in the same room. Hopefully, we’ve provided some insight into how you can connect with others and enjoy an evening of entertainment together on two screens or more!

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