1. There’s Sunshine All Year Round

The wonderful sunny weather is one of the main reasons so many people are moving to Spain. Spain has around 3,000 hours of sunshine per year so you can bask in the sun all you want.

2. It’s Surrounded by Water

Spain is situated on the Iberian Peninsula along with Portugal, which means it's surrounded by water from all three sides, except for the Portugal border. This is what gives Spain its wonderful breezy weather, tons of beaches and vacation spots, and a chill vibe. 

3. Property Is Affordable and Readily Available

Before figuring out how to live in Spain, you need to consider the prices of properties and whether you can afford to buy a home there. For example, if you search the Marbella homepage, you can browse pages and pages of properties for sale in Spain. You can choose the location, square footage, amenities, and everything else you need in a property.

4. There Are Beaches Everywhere

Unless you live near the Portugal border, you'll have access to beaches on the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Spain also has a few islands such as Ibiza, Menorca, and Mallorca with unique beaches and island vibes.

5. The Food Is Incredible

One of the first things to do in Spain once you arrive is to try all the food! From tapas, paella, and gazpacho to tortillas and churros, it's an explosion of flavors for the senses.

6. The People Are Warm and Friendly

If you're wondering how to move to Spain without knowing anyone, don't worry - people will welcome you with open arms. You'll make friends fast and experience Spanish hospitality first hand. 

7. The Culture Is Rich and Festive

One of the best places in Spain to experience their authentic culture is Barcelona where you'll find a mix of Catalonian nationalism and Spanish history. You'll see it in the food, the languages, the mentality, and the architecture. 

8. It’s Affordable To Open a Business

It's easy and simple to open and operate a Business in Spain . Even if you're self-employed or a freelancer, you can still work legally with clients and companies. There are all kinds of visas for entrepreneurs as well which is why so many business owners move to Spain.

9. The Pace of Life Is Slower

People in Spain are relaxed and like to take things slow so they're not in a rush anywhere. Things still get done but with less stress and hustle compared to Western European countries and North America.