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Detail Story of Pippa Lee:

Of all the eccentric we assume over a lifetime, which are the accurate reflections of the person beneath the mask? For Pippa Lee, the answer was none.

At the age of fifty, Pippa lee seems quite okay. She was married to a publisher who was 30 years her senior. But she was a devoted wife and a proud and loving mother of twins. Moreover, she was an adored neighbor and friend. She seems to glow like feminine peace.

As time passes, her husband suddenly makes a spontaneous decision to cast off Gramercy Park for Marigold retirement home as a “preemptive strike against his decrepitude, Pippa lee found her persona resolve in alarming ways.

The story behind all of this is the charming lady of the present has seen most of her fair share of the wild side. At the age of seventeen, Pippa faces a lot of things. She lived with her Dexedrine-addicted mother. And had an affair with the teacher. Moreover, she felt the initial stirrings of sexuality with her school girlfriend.

After some time, she runs from a house set lost on a course littered with broken hearts. And now when she settled, find her love and get married as well as find security in her own family. Now her established life is in danger again!

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