1- Save Money

Even if you finance your solar, you can free up wiggle room in your budget from day one. Many people find that their solar power payment is lower than their preexisting utility bill.

You can stretch your savings even further by installing solar panels before the end of 2021. If you install before the year is over, you can still claim a tax deduction worth 22% of your solar system.

Companies like blueravensolar.com/north-carolina/charlotte/ can help you get the best solar system for your needs, and ease the burden of the upfront costs. In many cases, you can get solar panels with a very small, or even no down payment.

2- Make Money

About forty states will let you sell solar power back to the grid if you use less than what your system produces. This can add up to about $3,000 a year in completely passive income!

Even if you plan on selling your house in the next few years, solar panels can help you make money. Homes with solar panel roofs sell for about 4.1% more than comparable houses in the same neighborhood.

3- Stay off the Grid

Did the grid collapse in Texas during the early 2021 winter storm get you thinking about going off the grid? We don't blame you. In an unstable climate future, having a reliable source of power you can count on is a must.

Solar panels keep your electricity off the grid. If something happens to the rest of the world, you don't have to worry about your power needs.

4- Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The power we run in our homes can count for up to 80% of our carbon footprints. So if you get all that power from a renewable energy source, you can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

There are still concerns about the materials that go into making solar panels and that impact on the environment. However, the net positive gain of solar panels makes the environmentally taxing materials worth it.

5- Save the Planet

To save the planet, we as human beings need to start turning to sources other than coal and oil to reduce our carbon emissions. It's the only way we can slow (or hopefully reverse) global warming.

By installing solar panels, you're investing in a better future for generations to come.