Product Specification

  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Speaker Type: Surround bass response
  • Brand: Polk Audio
  • Model Name: T50 tower speakers
  • Recommended Uses For Product: For Surround Sound Systems, For Gaming Consoles


  • Low Distortion Amp
  • Strong accurate bass
  • Verified purchase
  • Quality Flat sound signature
  • Value priced speakers of same level price class


  • The construction quality may be better or pretty amazing
  • The sound isn't particularly detailed
  • Instead of two passive radiators another driver may have been employed
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  • Heighten your audio experience with its sony receiver
  • Fill any small to medium sized space with lifelike sound
  • Use the T-series speakers as a 5.1 Home Theatre system with Polk Audio having excellent value
  • Extend speakers range through wireless systems

Why Buy This Product?

With Polk Audio T50, you can fill any room with a huge sound. Whether it’s for music, movies, TV shows, gaming or anything else in between, these speakers deliver powerful output from a small footprint.

With the included remote control and Bluetooth pairing options, getting set up is quick and easy. You can get these speakers to do what you want with just a few easy steps of Polk products at having affordable prices. They are compatible with any IR remote control with better performance.

Our Product Unboxing Journey:

I ordered Polk Audio T50 and it arrived within a few days! I charged them up and set them up to try out.

I played around with the speakers for several hours, switching back and forth between playing music from my iPhone X and streaming Netflix through Apple TV to see what worked best for me.

The sound is fantastic! What’s more, the included remote control is easy to set up and use. I was very excited about this purchase and I think you will be too!

Know Everything about Polk Audio T50 Tower Speaker Buying Guide:

So here are all the facts and features in detail so you could buy the new model of the right Polk Audio T50 speakers.

Power source:

The power source of the Polk speakers are AC 120V 60Hz but you could operate them at a voltage range from 90 V to 140 V at 50/60 Hz which gives you a lot of room for future memory lane use in case your power voltage drops or increases over time because newer models are intended to work on lower voltages and this model has been designed to work with a wide range of voltages to produce amazing sound performance.

So you could use the new model anywhere in the world, but please check your voltage first before direct plug-in because it won’t be that much fun for you when you need to buy an expensive transformer later in case your voltage isn’t compatible.


The height of these speakers is 28.35 inches with widths of 9.8 inches and 8.6 inches respectively for the surround sound speaker, subwoofer and center speaker - so keep in mind that these speakers will take up a lot of space wherever you decide to place them, something to consider if you plan on using this as your first 5.1 sets of surround sound speakers but if what you want above all else is a speaker system that will last for years then this shouldn’t stop you from investing in Polk T50.

The center and surround speaker is pretty much the same and both have dimensions of 8.6 inches by 9.8 inches, but the subwoofer’s dimension is 14.5 inches by 13.5 inches and the center channel is only 2.9 inches high so if you have a small space in your rooms to place your home theater systems then this won’t be a problem for you because Polk Audio T50 speakers will fit in any small or medium rooms and it comes with rubber feet on each of its corners so you could place it anywhere and even keep it on a TV cabinet exactly what we needed banana plugs.


The weight of each great speaker is also just a few pounds which means that you can move them around to wherever you want and connect them to your TV with the attached cables and place the center channel where ever it fits best because all of its cables are long enough to be placed in any part of the rooms according to your needs of speaker cables having great value.

Remote Control:

The remote control is also user-friendly and you could change the height of this speaker with just one touch if you think that it’s too high or too low for your preference, because it allows you to adjust the volume on all speakers independently which means that you could listen to some music without disturbing others in the same rooms with great frequency response.


The subwoofer has a 12 inch cone driver which is powered by a 150 Watt amplifier to make sure that you can feel the bass in each movie or music, it has not a lot of bass radiators like floor standing speaker.

When the subwoofers are turned on you could feel the bass vibrating around your rooms or house even though it’s not very large but Polk Audio T50 speakers make sure that it still has a lot of basses that you could feel even from the other end of your house in rear surround rather than replacement parts.


 Polk Audio T50 speakers are compatible with almost any kind of audio source because they have RCA inputs for composite video, component video, S-video and even a digital optical input. And a USB port for charging your cell phone or tablet and you could even connect a 3.5 mm auxiliary input jack to this Bluetooth Ready home theater systems which means that you can also play from any device by just plugging it into the speaker’s AUX port, so these speakers are definitely going to be compatible with all of your audio sources hi fi by speaker wire of bass radiators.


The chassis is made from high-quality plastic and it’s painted in a really good looking paint which doesn’t scratch easily, because the size of the magnet in this speaker isn’t that large compared to other models but it can still produce a really good sound that you couldn’t expect from such a small speaker quality performance.

But this doesn’t mean that you can treat it roughly because this budget speaker is made for one purpose and I’m sure that this is to bring you the best sound experience at an affordable price range, so don’t try to show off how strong you are because you might end up breaking them instead of showing your strength and happy listening so sound can play louder while watching movies and doing a good job.

Sound Quality:

The sound quality of these budget speakers is really good and clear because single or in pair as it is powered by its own amplifier which means that they all produce maximum volume without any distortion of great speakers with verified purchase this sounds amp of tower speaker.

The sound of this bookshelf speaker is powerful and clear but it doesn’t mean that some frequencies are louder than others, because these speakers are made to play all types of music and movies with really good quality.


The bass of these best speakers is very loud and deep which makes listening to musics really enjoyable, so if you want to turn on some old school rock songs to relive the times when you first listened to them then you should definitely buy Polk’s Audio T50 speakers because they are designed to produce loud and clear sounds which can be enjoyed by anyone in your house without any complaints.

Speaker Size: 

The size of the Passive Radiators are 11.25 inches and it’s located at the bottom of each to increase its bass response even more because other models don’t have this feature but they still produce a really good sound for their price range.


So if you want to buy some new speakers then you could definitely buy Polk Audio T50 speakers because they are built to last for a very long time which is why you shouldn’t try to show off how strong you are because they might not withstand your strength and instead of listening to some old school music you will listen to your broken Polk Audio T50 speakers heard.

We hope this Polk audio t50 review has helped you to make your mind why you should invest your money in that. Happy reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Polk Audio T50 And Polk Audio T55?

The only difference between these two speakers is that the Polk’s Audio T55 has a tweeter which makes it sound slightly better than the other one thin MDF, but they both produce really good sounds so don’t worry about it.

Can I Connect This Home Tower Speakers System To My Smartphone Or Ipod?

Yes, you can connect the speakers to both of these devices because it has a digital optical input which is supported by iPhone 4s and smartphone so you could definitely connect them for a better surround sound system

How Do I Connect My Computer To Polk T50?

To be able to connect your computer to these speakers you simply need a digital audios cable which is already included inside the box, but if you want something even better then there is an optical digital audio cable that has a red and white end, but it’s also included inside the box having own space in Chromecast audios without complex passages.

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