Have a Great Day Messages:

  1. God has blessed us with a new day. New day comes with new hopes and new opportunities. May all your plans succeed? Have a great day.
  2. Learn new things every day. Enjoy each day to the fullest and make memories for life. Have a great day.
  3. May this day remind you of how blessed you are? Make good use of the day to bring a smile on others' faces. Have a great day.
  4. Today it was a beautiful sunrise. And you make this world beautiful with your wonderful deeds. Have a great day.
  5. May the day bring the best opportunities and business for you? Have a great day, sweetheart!
  6. Wishing you lots of happiness, good luck and positivity. May the day brings everything good for you? Have a good day.
  7. May your day be as bright as the sun? Have a great day ahead. All my wishes for you and with you.
  8. I wish nothing but only the best for you. Have a great day ahead.
  9. Make every moment of every day memorable. I hope you have a great day today.
  10. I hope you have a wonderful and great day today. Smile bight and race for your dream with new energy.
  11. Start and spend this day with new hope; consider this a new chance. Have a great day dear.
  12. May you get all the things you have ever wished for? Have a great and beautiful day ahead.
  13. If life throws you lemon, catch-all and sells them to earn a big profit. I know you can do it. Have a great day.
  14. Be the best version of you today and have a great day. You are the most amazing person out there, so enjoy!
  15. Blessed are those who wake up knowing that are loved, protected and important. Have a great day.
  16. A new day, a new life, a new journey unfolds. Have a beautiful day my friend.
  17. Don’t allow anything to stop you from seeing the beauty around you. Have a great day.
  18. I’m sending you lots of love and hugs on this lovely day.
  19. Every morning is a fresh start. It’s a chance to become the person you always wanted to be.
  20. Don’t regret what you did yesterday. Start planning what you’ll do tomorrow.

Have a Great Day Message for Him:

  1. I love waking up in your arms each day. Good morning, my handsome man. I wish you a beautiful day.
  2. I wish I could be there with you this morning to greet the day next to you. I look forward to that!
  3. Good morning, my love! Do you know how wonderful it is for me to wake up in your arms? I look forward to seeing you this evening.
  4. Good morning handsome! Can’t wait to set my eyes on you again tonight.
  5. I was never a morning person until I met you. Now I love it because I wake up next to the most handsome guy in the world.
  6. It will be my pleasure to see you having the best day ever. You must be tired now, so have a nice day.
  7. The fresh morning dew is a special reason to put smile on your face, it is a sign of a calm day ahead.
  8. What a wonderful guy you are, I am happy to have you as my one in a million heartbeat. Good morning.
  9. What a cute, sweet and nice person you are. I just want to see your beautiful face to have a nice day.
  10. When you kind to each other, the day will be good to spend the best time together.
  11. Morning without you is a waste of time. You know I hate wasting my time, so we definitely should spend every morning together from now on. I’m waiting for your answer! Have a blessed day, baby.
  12. I wish I could see rays of sun playing with your hair, touching your skin so softly and making you open your eyes slowly. I miss you so much that it hurts, honey. I hope that you’re feeling well. Have a great day.
  13. Are you starting your day with a huge smile on your face? Because if you don’t, I will do anything to change that. May your morning sound like soul music and smell like your favorite coffee?
  14. A good morning is a morning spent with you. Today I can’t wake up next you, but I still hope that you are having the best morning and feeling grateful for everything that you have. I sure am grateful for having you in my life.
  15. Can I teleport to your bed? I miss waking up next to you more than you can imagine. May this morning make you feel like life is a very special gift, and you mean so much to this world? Rise and shine, baby.

Have a Great Day Message for Her:

  1. My sweetest girl, every new day is a new chapter of life, bringing new topics, new moments for life, I wish today all the good moments approach way to make your day joyful. Have a good day dear.
  2. My little angel, a Smile is the lighting system of the face, cooling system of head and healing system of the heart. So keep smiling all day it’s good on you. Have a good day my sunshine.
  3. Every morning, my love for you keeps growing and I feel like I am getting closer to you as each day pass by. You are the dream love of my life and I need you every day. Have a good day my love.
  4. Bae, whether the sun rises or not is not my business, my day starts only after I text my girl who I love a lot. Do have a good day honey.
  5. Hello sunshine, could you do me a favor? Put your right hand over your left shoulder then your right hand to your left shoulder. There I’ve just given you a morning hug. Have a good day.
  6. Right now, my love, I’m thinking of you and wish you a great day I want the best for you and hope things go your way. Have a good day my one and only.
  7. All my nights and days are filled with the wonders of your love. A lovely morning to you and thanks for being that special and wonderful woman in my life.
  8. Every morning I thank the world for giving you to me. You are my sweetest addiction, I can’t live without you.
  9. Everything is at a standstill because the most beautiful woman on earth is not awake yet. Wake up and light up the day with your beauty. Good morning babe.
  10. Good morning baby, I hope you slept like a queen that you are. Have a great day, I love you lots.
  11. Good morning Beautiful. So many of my smiles start because of you.
  12. Good morning, my guiding star! Without you, I would have lost in a darkness of the universe.
  13. Good morning, baby. Hope your morning is filled with peaceful energy and positive thoughts. I just wanted to remind you that you’re strong, smart and beautiful, and nothing can stop you.
  14. Are you starting your day with a big smile? If you don’t, I will do everything to put it on your face. I love you and miss you like crazy. May this morning be filled with wonderful emotions? Hugs and kisses!
  15. Good morning, love. I just wanted to remind you that you are worth it. You are beautiful, powerful, smart and brave, and nobody can take it from you. I believe in you. Hope you’re having a great morning.

Have a Great Day Message for Husband:

  1. Sugar from your lips is all I need to sweeten my morning coffee. Wake up and kiss me, hubby.
  2. My dear husband, you set my heart ablaze each morning when your eyes open and capture me anew. Good morning!
  3. I will wake up by your side, walk beside you daily, and lie next to you each night. You are the man who makes my life complete.
  4. I love growing old with you morning by morning, one heartbeat at a time. You are my precious husband, soulmate, and friend.
  5. Babe, your lips take me to heaven. I long for you’re good morning kiss every day. Good morning my hubby!
  6. My dearest husband, you’re my first and last love. I cannot live without you and want to wake up next to you every day of my life. Good morning.
  7. By your side, I feel bliss, the first thing in the morning, your good morning kiss makes my day perfect. Good morning!
  8. Good morning dear husband, the beat of my heart and the life of my soul.
  9. Other people wake up to sunshine, but I love waking up to you. Good morning dear.
  10. I don’t care if the sun rises or not, as long as I am with my hubby who loves me a lot. Good morning my handsome hubby.
  11. I promise you to be there by your side forever and to be your lover, friend, and wife. Good Morning.
  12. I wish that every morning of mine starts with a lovely smile on your face and ends with the caring hugs from you. Good Morning.
  13. Your morning kisses and hugs speak more than a thousand words and express a lot of love for me. They melt my heart. Good Morning Dear.
  14. Your love makes every day so colorful and heavenly, Good Morning Husband!
  15. The sun seems brighter to me because of you. A new morning means another day to spend with you, my love. Good morning.

Have a Great Day Message for Wife:

  1. My mornings are never dull, as I get to wake up seeing your smile and a hot cup of coffee. Thank you for keeping up this routine for all these years. Good morning darling.
  2. Good morning to the most beautiful woman in this world. You are the queen of my heart, and I cannot imagine my life without you.
  3. It gives me immense pride to see you sleep peacefully beside me. I promise to protect you and be by your side always. Good morning dear.
  4. Good morning to the love of my life. Hope your day is bright, and you go a step closer to achieving your dreams.
  5. No matter how stressful life is, it all vanishes as soon as I wake up to your lovely voice and smiling face. Good morning sunshine.
  6. Wake up, darling! It is a bright new day, and your husband is waiting to share his coffee with you. Good morning.
  7. Dear wife, I am sorry for not being able to spend time with you. Today I planned something exciting just for the two of us. Wake up and get in the car with me. Also, a very good morning to you.
  8. Dear wife, very good morning to you! I wish your day would be as amazing as you are.
  9. Dear wife, my mornings are always high-spirited because of you. Seeing you smile warms me up more than my usual cup of coffee and gets me hopeful for the day ahead. Good morning, sweetheart.