1. My super adorable son is already a 1 year old! No longer are we counting the months leading up to your 1st birthday, for today you’ve reached one whole year!Thank you for filling my heart with so much love this past year, my darling boy.
  2. Happy 1st birthday to my little one!
  3. The bond between a mother and her son is like no other, and after just one short year it’s already clear to me that you are the most important being in my world!
  4. Exactly one year ago on this date, a special soul from heaven was dropped by heaven’s angels in our family that completely changed the way we used to live and our definition of success. Little champion, we just want to tell you that we loved you even before you landed here. Happy first birthday, son!
  5. The real wealth for parents is their children. My sweet boy I will do everything to give you everything. May you lack nothing in life! Wishing happy 1st birthday son!

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Birthday Wishes for 1 Year Old Son From Mother:

  1. Happy birthday to my cutie, happy 1st year on Earth. You are greatly loved sugar.
  2. Happy first birthday, son baby; I can’t believe that you are now one. You were this tiny baby who fitted perfectly in my hands, and now you are this cute toddler running around the house. I can’t wait to see what you do next. Happy birthday!
  3. You are always in our prayers and thoughts, Son! I hope and pray that you find your true and lasting happiness and the promised land of prosperity. Just remember that we will always stand by you no matter what.
  4. Son, today you turn another year older and I’m prouder of you than I’ve ever been. You truly are my biggest blessing and my eternal joy, my dear boy.I have only the sweetest and most heartfelt wishes for you on your special day today, son. Happy birthday from mom.
  5. Hey, my adorable son, you have been the most precious gift from God. I have cherished so many beautiful moments watching you grow up and will always remain close to my heart forever. I love you so much son, your caring Mom!

Birthday Wishes for 1 Year Old Son From Father:

  1. No matter how busy I am busy, you are my no 1 priority. May keep shining every single day and be blessed all the year. Happy birthday, beautiful boy!
  2. Hey champ, on this special day, I want you to know that you are the most valuable thing in my life. Wishing you a very fantastic birthday!
  3. Many people see you as a boy. But I can see your future as a man. No one will ever make me prouder than you. I love you my. Have a wonderful birthday.
  4. I remember when you were a young boy, you loved action figures. Now you are older and love cars. If you were a car, you would be a 1969 mustang. Have a wonderful birthday.
  5. One year ago, we were blessed with an adorable baby boy. Every single day, we give thanks for those blessings. Happy first birthday, my prince!
  6. Being a father to a son is like forgetting yourself. Now I have to forget myself completely. Wishing happy 1st birthday son!

Happy 1st Birthday to My Son:

  1. The day you were born my son my life changed completely. It is your first birthday, wishing you all the love and blessings. Happy first birthday my little son!
  2. You are my first son, the one who welcomed me into parenthood. I love the fact that I get to see you grow older. Have an unforgettable birthday.
  3. I’ve taught you everything that you need to know the best way I could. I know you’ll not lose your way as you journey in this life. Have a fantastic birthday, my firstborn son!
  4. Happy first birthday, my firstborn son. I can’t believe how little you are but you’re the most important part of my life. You’re one of the reasons why I get excited waking up.
  5. You deserve the best of birthday wishes, our prince. May you be blessed with all of the fun that you can handle on your first birthday. Enjoy to the fullest.

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