Every guy deserves a great birthday. With the right planning and execution, your guy’s birthday can be one he remembers for years to come. Birthdays are special occasions worth celebrating. Even more so when it’s someone we care about, like a dear friend or family member. Everyone loves a good birthday wish, especially when it’s heartfelt and genuine.

No matter what age you are, receiving happy birthday wishes always makes you feel special. If you’re looking for the perfect thing to say to your special guy friend on his birthday, look no further than these examples of birthday wishes for guy. These messages will let him know how much he means to you and remind him that you’re always there for him.

  1. It’s not necessary for me to tell you that you are the coolest guy, you perfectly know it. But one more time: happy birthday, the coolest guy ever!
  2. I believe that our quarrels cemented our friendship. We are both wise enough to talk and admit our mistakes in time. Thanks for the lessons you gave me, friend! Happy Birthday!
  3. Congratulations on birthday big child! Life with parents doesn’t look so cool when you are so many years old. Don’t worry, dude. I’m joking. Your life, your rules. Happy birthday!
  4. My best troublemaker friend, on this day I wish you that all your troubles go far far away from you. Although it sounds impossible, just try to be a good boy. Happy birthday!
  5. Enjoy life all over, fellow! Today is a great chance to do this and no one can stop you. Play, laugh, love and eat. As much as possible,  your birthday cake, of course. Hug you and happy birthday!
  6. Buddy, thanks for making my time in school one of the most fun moments of my life. As you celebrate this day, I wish you all the happiness in this universe.
  7. I feel blessed to have you as my closest friend. Thank you for always helping me out with assignments and looking out for me in school. Happy birthday to you! You’re the best!
  8. I bless the day we first met each other and became friends. Your friendship is part of the reason I am what I am today. Happy birthday, my dear.
  9. Happy birthday to my old pal.  Thanks for being such a great influence in my life! Enjoy your special day like tomorrow will never come!
  10. My friend, there is no day that I don’t wish to spend my day with you because you always make my day very meaningful. Thank you for being a wonderful friend to me all these years. Happy birthday!
  11. Heartiest birthday wishes for one of the most wonderful guys on campus from a loving friend! May this beautiful day of yours bring you happiness, joy and laughter. God bless you.
  12. Happy birthday, buddy! Today, being your special day, I just want to tell you that all the things you’ve done for me over the years are worthy of praise. May God always shine His light on your life.
  13. Some people just give some, but you have given all your best to the service of your country and your fellowmen. Happy birthday!

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Birthday Messages for Guy:

  1. On your special day, today, I’d like you to know that you are very dear to my heart. Happy birthday, dear.
  2. This day is special. The month is special. And it’s because a special person was born on this day. Happy birthday to you, dear.
  3. Dearest, in your new year, I do hope that you experience love like never before and from a special person. Have a blast, dear.
  4. Today, I pray that every of your heart desire is granted. It is well with you, dear. Always. You are loved. Happy birthday!
  5. To one so precious and dear, I wish the best of birthdays. May you always have reasons to smile and never lose your relevance. Happy birthday.
  6. Today, have a blast, break a leg and walk however you want to. It’s your special day and I’m right behind you. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  7. You are valued, treasured and cherished. Your type is rare and I appreciate the friendship we share. Happy birthday.
  8. I’m beyond blessed to have you by my side at all times. You have stuck closer than a brother and I’m grateful. Happy birthday, dear.
  9. The manner with which you go out of your way to help me still baffles me. I’ll always cherish you, my dear. Happy birthday.
  10. You are in my heart today, just like every other day. You hold a very special place in my heart. Happy birthday to you, darling.
  11. Happy happy birthday to you, dear friend. Today, I sincerely wish that you are blessed beyond measure. Happy birthday once again.

Birthday Quotes for Guy:

  1. You are one of the very few persons who light up my world. You are dear to me. Happy birthday, dear.
  2. You are crazily awesome, you know. And every single moment with you is one treasured. Happy birthday to you.
  3. As today marks the beginning of a new year for you, I put it to you that there’s no need to look on the things that are past. The future is here. Happy birthday, dearie.
  4. On your special day, I’d like you to know that you are dearly loved and desired. Happy birthday to you, dear.
  5. Happy birthday to a very special person who is dear to my heart. May you have all the good things that you sincerely desire.
  6. May every day of your new year be filled with rejoicing and laughter. Blessed are you always amongst people. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  7. I do hope that you have a lot of fun and really enjoy yourself today. I wish you the very best of birthdays!
  8. For always making me happy and glad, I hope you get the best things and wishes today. Happy birthday to you, dear.
  9. You are every shade of awesome and I’m so glad to be associated with you. It’s your new year. Soar, flourish and thrive! Happy birthday, sugar.
  10. I’m glad that you share your life and moments with me. It’s something I’d never take for granted. Happy birthday, dearly beloved.

Happy Birthday Greetings for Guy Friend:

  1. We’re all here to greet you on your special day. May you have an amazing and memorable day and may all of your dreams and wishes come true today. Happiest birthday!
  2. May flowers grow as you walk in the path, may the sun shine brighter on your youth days and may every step you take become an adventure! Happiest birthday my handsome buddy.
  3. Wonderful birthday to the most awesome buy I know! Now that you are a year older, may you turn out to be wiser and braver, ready to face all challenges that you will face through life!
  4. Wishing a best birthday to the most amazing guy I know. May your day be filled with lots of joyful moments and may this day give you everything that you love the most!
  5. On your special day, I wish you nothing but only joyous surprises and exciting adventures ahead. Happy birthday!

Short Birthday Wishes for Guy:

  1. Wishing the most handsome guy ever the best birthday ever.
  2. Hello boy! Congratulations on getting one step closer to be a cool guy.
  3. Thanks God I had the chance to celebrate one of the most wonderful guys on Earth.
  4. Happy Birthday to a wonderful guy among other guys around.

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Although it is impossible to know what a person really wants for their birthday, we can make some guesses based on the information that we have. Birthday wishes for guy friends come in all shapes and sizes. We hope that our collection of birthday messages has given you a few ideas on what to write in your card or message. Whether you choose to go humorous, heartfelt, or somewhere in between, we wish you the best on this special day. Happy birthday, dear friend!

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