Your baby’s first birthday is a very special occasion. It marks the end of their first year of life and the beginning of their journey into childhood. As they take their first steps, it’s important to wish them all the best for their future. When it comes to celebrating the birth of a new baby, there are so many ways to do it.

You can go the traditional route and have a big party with all the trimmings, or you can keep it low-key and intimate with just close family and friends. Whatever you choose to do, one thing is for sure your baby’s first birthday is a special milestone that deserves to be celebrated. So on this special occasion pick some great birthday wishes for baby and make this moment more memorable.

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  1. Happy Birthday to someone so special and sweet! May your day be blessed ten times over and filled to the brim with love. Happiest of Birthday to you, little boy!
  2. It’s your birthday! May this be the first of many amazing birthdays for you! You are so beyond blessed to have such an incredible family and friends that love you to the moon and back!
  3. God Bless you, my sweet one! May your birthday be surrounded by love, family, and friends! Happy Birthday!
  4. Happy Birthday to the baby with the most beautiful smile! You are the sweetest, most beautiful baby that has ever walked this earth.
  5. Rock-a-bye Baby, in the tree top, may you grow to be just as lovely and brilliant as your dear Aunt!
  6. When you wish upon a star I hope all your dreams come true! Happy Birthday to the sweetest, I know! I love you to the moon and back!
  7. Your Birthday is the best birthday ever! You get to shove your face in cake and make a huge mess AND the best part about it is nobody will get mad at you for it! They will even think it’s cute! Enjoy your special day to the fullest!
  8. Best Wishes to your little one on their special day! 1 Years old–my how time flies! Enjoy the day and make some memories, share lots of laughs, and eat until you are bursting at the seams!
  9. Happy Birthday, wee one. I bet you’ve had a fantastic time celebrating your special day. One years old is a memorable day. Hip Hip Hooray!
  10. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful little baby in the world! I hope your day is nothing but magical and you are well napped and happy for your wonderful parents!
  11. If I could grant you any wish I would in a heartbeat. If I could send you into outer space I would in a second. Your birthday is such a fun day!
  12. You are destined to be someone great. You have a vibrant future ahead of you. You are surrounded by an immense amount of love. Happy birthday to you, my dear child.
  13. Happy Birthday to you, my child! May your day be merry and full of good cheer! May your day be filled with laughter and the occasional happy tear. Happy Birthday!
  14. Hip-Hip-Hooray! It’s someone’s big birthday! Happy Birthday to the most wonderful child that I could gobble right up! May your day be full of laughter, fun, and plenty of delicious cake!
  15. Wish a fabulous birthday to the cutest baby.
  16. Today is your day, so you can put away your homework and enjoy your presents, songs, sweets, balloons, party games, and more!
  17. Sending you tons of kisses and hugs on the Happy Birthday of my sweet baby
  18. You are growing up right before my very eyes. I can’t believe it. I’m just happy that you are still small enough for me to hold in my arms.
  19. I can’t believe how tall you have grown already. You are growing up way too fast. Happy Birthday, my little one.

Birthday Wishes for a Friend’s Baby:

  1. Wishing a very happy birthday to the world’s sweetest. May you live a very happy and inspirational life. Love you.
  2. Wishing a magical birthday to the most adorable 1-year-old I have ever set my eyes on. I hope you enjoy all your toys and treats. Have fun today!
  3. You’re the most beautiful in this world. God bless you and may you receive loads of cakes, ice cream and toys on your birthday. Happy birthday.
  4. I can’t believe this little princess is 1 year old already. I wish you a very happy and wonderful life ahead. Happy birthday, my beautiful star.

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The birthday wishes for baby are a great way to show your love and affection to the little one. It is also a perfect way to let the parents know that you are thinking of them on this special day. A simple, yet the heartfelt message can really make a difference in the lives of these new parents. So, if you are looking for a way to show your support and love to the parents of a newborn baby, then go ahead and send them some beautiful wishes.

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