The most beautiful thing in this world is to see your best friend smiling. And even more beautiful is the reason behind that smile. So on your friend’s birthday, send her/him a wish that could make her/him smile and feel loved.

It is a perfect opportunity to show how much you care. Your words should come from the heart and be special, just like your best friend.

The birthday wishes for best friend should be heartfelt, funny, or both. It should also be something that only you could write. So take some time to think about what you want to say before you start writing. But make sure it is something that your best friend will appreciate.

  1. It’s hard to find good friends, but now that I’ve seen you, I’m not neglecting the beautiful friendship we have. Today, on your birthday, I want to show how happy I am to have you in my life.
  2. Life is full of moments too sweet to miss, especially with a friend like you. Have a great birth anniversary.
  3. My soulmate and my amazing friend, this day is special for both of us, you make my life colorful and special. Thanks, dear. Wish you a fantastic day, too!
  4. Happy birthday to an awesome girl that inspires me to be a better person every single day! Thank you for your endless patience and support!
  5. Only a true mate can be by my side in good times and in bad times. Thank you for always being someone who supports me and makes me smile. I wish you the happiest birthday!

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Birthday Messages For Best Friend:

  1. May your dreams, small and great, finally come true! You deserve the most awesome life, golden girl, be happy!
  2. Dear, I feel grateful for having you as my close friend, because you are the most sincere and the most amazing person in my life. Having you I feel lucky, blessed and happy. Hope, this special day of yours will also be full of happiness.
  3. From early childhood to this big and special day, you are my dearest friend. I really cherish every moment we spend together, and I really wish you to enjoy every single and special moment today. It’s your day and you must be the happiest person with a wide smile!
  4. You are one of the few people I really respect and appreciate. I don’t know why I like you so much, but I feel you have a big and beautiful heart. Hope your goodness and pureness will help you to live amazing life and to have the best birthday celebration. Congratulations!
  5. The sweetest birthday greetings to my great friend and a wonderful woman. Sometimes I wish to be like you: strong, positive and always full of good and crazy ideas. Hope this birthday will bring you the best new 365 days of happiness. Happy birthday, dear!

Birthday Quotes For  Best Friend:

  1. Have a special and memorable day today, sweetie, you deserve it. You are an amazing friend, I appreciate a lot your presence in my life!
  2. Congratulations on your special day, girl! Your optimism and cheerfulness make this world more beautiful place to live! Stay awesome!
  3. Hey beautiful girl, hope this day brings you a lot of fun and happiness. Yes, I know you are happy now, but still it will never be too much.
  4. You have everything you need to be happy, and you will surely achieve everything you want. Know that I value our relationships and wish them to continue our entire earthly journey.
  5. Every day is wonderful with you, but today is special, because today is your birthday. Always stay as sensitive, sweet and funny, as you are today.
  6. Hey girl, did you know that your presence makes everything around so lovely and special? You probably have some magical powers! Congratulations, enchantress!
  7. Don’t stop the party, girl! Today it’s you day when you can forget all duties and responsibilities and you still be a perfect lady. Have fun!

Amazing Birthday Wishes For  Best Friend:

  1. Dear, wish you to reach a star in the sky and don’t ask me why. You’ll understand it soon. Have mysterious birthday and more interesting surprises!
  2. On this fantastic day I wish you the greatest happiness and luck in your life. I believe, than you can achieve all your goals. So, never stop!
  3. Life is full of ups and downs, but always keep your eyes open and accept everything. It’s just the experience that will help you in the future or even when you don’t have it in mind. Of course, you’ll always have me. Hug you!
  4. Happy birthday to the craziest but at the same time the most wonderful woman ever! You are a perfect example of two people in one. So different but so interesting lady.
  5. The warmest birthday greetings to a lovely girl. I wish you to have a perfect birthday and to get amazing gifts. You are worth the best, my lady!
  6. The first words that came to my mind when I saw you were “what a beautiful lady”. You always look so classic and fantastic!

Sweet Birthday Wishes For Best Friend:

  1. My friend, you are not Pinocchio, so don’t put your nose into your birthday plans. I’ll take care of everything. You just have to smile and be happy, nothing else.
  2. I’ll tell you one secret no matter you are angry or happy, you always are the sweetest person I’ve ever known. So, let this day be full of sweet and enjoy your birthday in thousand ways!
  3. No matter how young or old you are, always have a dream. Dreaming can help you to reach your goals and even to turn your hard moments into easier. So, let this year be a year of dreaming!
  4. You appeared in my life when I most needed you. Thank you for your understanding and friendly care. Be always blooming, energetic and desirable!
  5. I wish your life to be full, with pleasant cares, ingenious ideas and high victories! Happy holiday, dear friend!
  6. My friend, thank you for being a part of my life for a long time. You know the in and out of me and it’s really awesome because I never thought I would have such a friend like you. So have a super great birthday! Wish you all the best, bestie.

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The birthday wishes for best friend are a great way to show your love and affection for him/her. Make sure to write something that is heartfelt and from the bottom of your heart. A simple birthday wish can go a long way in making your best friend feel loved and appreciated. So, go ahead and express your feelings in the most beautiful way possible

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