Those who have younger brothers know how much fun and annoying they can be at the same time. He is the apple of the eye of everyone in the family member. Our childhood is filled with sweet and bitter memories with our younger brothers. Even though he is naughty most of the time and doesn’t listen, but still you love him unconditionally and are always there for them, no matter what. With his naughty everyone disturb but amused too. He is always with you as a backbone in all bad and good times. Birthday Wishes For Younger Brother will show some real love and affection towards him. This is a great opportunity to show some gratitude toward him. With this wish, you can show your love and make him feel important. You can also use this wish to apologize for all the fights and arguments you had in the past. This will be a day to remember for him and he will always cherish this day. So, make sure you take out some time from your busy schedule and make this day special for him.

  1. I miss you so much little brother, May this day in your life be as jovial as you. Happy birthday!
  2. I wish you all the things in life as you celebrate your special day. Happy birthday small brother!
  3. It is just the other day you were born; time really passes by so quickly. Now you are a grown-up man. Happy Birthday small brother!
  4. It is just the other day, you were very tiny, now look at you, a grown-up little brother. I wish you a Happy Birthday little brother!
  5. They call you their best friend, but to me, you are still my little brother. Happy Birthday, bro!
  6. I hope that this birthday will make you a little wiser, but we both know that won’t happen

Birthday Wishes For Younger Brother from Sister

  1. You’ve always been here for me, I know we fuss and fight, But I love you with all my might. You are my big brother, And there is no other. Happy Birthday my dear younger brother!
  2. Every single memory of my childhood reminds me of all the reasons I’m glad you are my brother. From the bottom of my heart Happy Birthday!
  3. I would like to my wonderful caring little brother in law a very happy birthday. I hope you have a great day.
  4. Singing Happy Birthday to my favorite family member, my ride or die, he is my everything, my only brother in the world.
  5. Happy birthday, dear brother! May this year bring the most wonderful things into your life, you truly deserve it!

Birthday Wishes For Younger Brother from Elder brother

  1. You are not just my little brother, you are also a good friend. Time flies with joy when I am in your company. Happy birthday dearest brother.
  2. Growing up with you was awesome. I fought with you, laughed with you, cried with you, and also kicked your ass at times. Just want to remind you all those moments. Happy Birthday!
  3. Thanks, a little brother for great memories of childhood. Here’s to thousands more to come in the future. Happy Birthday baby brother.
  4. Here’s your big sister wishing you a very cool birthday! I know I am your favorite sister as you are my favorite brother. I love you a lot bro. Happy Birthday!
  5. My sweet, cute, lovely, wonderful, and sometimes mischievous, naughty and evil younger brother. Many many happy returns or the day! Happy Birthday!
  6. As it’s your birthday, don’t fear to ask for wonderful gifts and blessings you desire. You are a cute brother, and I would get whatever you desire for! I love you, dear brother. Happy Birthday!

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Birthday Wishes For Younger Brother from Older Brother

  1. Happy birthday to the brother that I have seen grow and become what you are. May joy and happiness fill your special day.
  2. To the most amazing brother around. May this special day in your life be filled with joy and happiness. Happy Birthday!
  3. The day you were born, you brought joy into our lives. You become the family’s favorite. Happy Birthday young brother!
  4. Happy birthday to the best small brother in the universe! Remember the lessons mum taught us, do not eat the cake alone, share.
  5. Nothing can break the bond we share. On this day I wish you a beautiful happy birthday. May your day be filled with love and happiness.
  6. You have always been there for me no matter what, little brother. I want you to know how much I appreciate and love you. Happy birthday, little bro!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Younger Brother

  1. A special piece of advice on your birthday: keep smiling as long as you have those teeth. It might not last long. Now smile and have a fantastic birthday!
  2. My little brother is now very big, though you may be tall, you will always be little. Have a blast on your Birthday!
  3. May this birthday be as wonderful as you are. I love you, little brother. Wishing you another great year full of awesome things.
  4. On this Birthday, I agree that you are now taller than me. But still, you are a little brother to me and to me forever. Have a beautiful birthday celebration!
  5. My partner in crime, the accomplice to a great childhood, thanks for having my back. Best birthday, little bro.
  6. Here’s to a birthday that’s as crazy as you my brother. If it’s anywhere near as mad it’ll be the most outrageous birthday the world has ever seen!

Birthday Quotes for Younger Brother

  1. Many years ago today, a truly incredible person came into the world, and I’m honored to call him my brother. Happy birthday!
  2. Maybe he’s your friend, maybe he’s your co-worker, maybe he’s your teammate. To me, he is my brother, which means I love him and hate him more than everyone else. Happy birthday!
  3. It’s not just an excuse to party; it’s the BEST excuse to party. Happy birthday to my favorite brother.
  4. A shout out to my brother, who’s been there for me at every point in my life. He’s the reason I am who I am. Happy birthday!
  5. You are such a great role model for every brother in the world because you are so loving, caring, protective, and supportive. I wish you, the best brother in the universe, a very happy birthday.

Birthday Prayers for Younger Brother

  1. Happy Birthday to my brother, who’s been a gift from God for me since the day you born.
  2. In all the hugs you get on this birthday, remember that God is sending you His warmth of love and happiness.
  3. Happy Birthday my dear brother, you are like a treasure with a heart that’s so kind and gentle.
  4. On your birthday, I am sending you the precious gift of my love and prayers that keep you safe from devil’s eye.
  5. May God helps you achieve all your goals and show you the right path to success. Happy Birthday, brother!
  6. May all your wishes and prayers be heard by God today on your birthday. Always be happy also feel blessed!

Birthday Wishes For Younger Brother from Big Brother

  1. To my sweet brother, you were my first friend and now you are my best friend. I think of you every day, but especially today. Happy birthday! I love you!
  2. Happy birthday to you, my brother! Every birthday gets a little more special – maybe that’s because family becomes more important as we get older.
  3. You are not just my brother, you are my beloved one. I will always be there for you just like how I know you will be for me no matter what happens. Wishing you an amazing birthday my dear brother, have a great one. 
  4. Happy Birthday little brother! You got your kindness from Mum, intelligence from Dad, and sense of humour from me, so be grateful! You’re welcome. 
  5. Happiest Birthday to my one and only little brother! Thanks for being the most awesome brother I could ever have.
  6. Happy Birthday to my brother. I wish you a wonderful day, you will always be my lil bro no matter what happens.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Younger Brother

  1. It’s the birthday of my incredibly smart and talented brother and my happiness level is touching the sky. I have always prayed for your success, good health, and happiness. Happy birthday to my forever lovely brother!
  2. My dear crazy and hasty brother, everything in life comes at the right time. You must continue doing hard work and stop expecting results on your timeline. God bless you my little brother and happy birthday to you!
  3. I love you so deeply and passionately brother that whatever thing I commence in my life I make sure it benefits you in some way. Your prosperity, happiness, and success are my prime concern. Cheers for the big day and happy birthday!
  4. A brother like you who is full of all the principles, morals, and ethics is rare to find in this mean world. Undeniably, your sheer presence is the greatest pleasure of my life. Happy awesome birthday brother!
  5. On this special day of yours, I want to wish you the best, The best of everything in life, May luck be with you in all your strive, Happy Birthday, Dear Brother.
  6. I remember your pranks, I haven’t told anybody, How you used to hit me hard, But that was part of growing up fun, Happy birthday bro, Always be the number one!

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The Birthday Wishes For Younger Brother is always filled with lots of love and happiness. This moment is to be cherished by the brother and sister for a lifetime. This day is to be made even more special by sending the most beautiful and heartwarming birthday wishes to the younger brother. You should make sure that your birthday wish makes him feel loved, special, and appreciated. It is a perfect occasion to express all the love and care you have for your younger brother. So go ahead and pick the most beautiful birthday wish for your younger brother and make his day even more special.

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