1. I am still in awe about the fact that how expeditiously you turned 21 and started carrying all the responsibilities on your own. Time flies like a butterfly and gives us umpteen enchanting memories to ponder upon. Happy 21st birthday son and have fun!
  2. Love you mate. You are my boy and mate too. Wishing happy birthday on turning 21! I wish you always follow your heart.
  3. Happy 21st birthday, my precious son! May this coming year be full of security, blessing, and joy for you.
  4. Happy 21st birthday son! You’re such a wonderful young man, and I can only wish the absolute best for you this next year. May it be filled with love, passion, and joy.
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Birthday Wishes for 21st Year Old Son From Mother:

  1. May God bless you today and always, and may you be healthy and wealthy. My son, I wish that your 21st birthday be the best one ever. May all your wishes come true!
  2. As your life changes over the next year, remember that mommy will always be here for you. May you live your life filled with joy and happiness today and always! Happy 21st birthday, my beautiful son!
  3. It’s 21 years on earth my super boy and I am looking forward to seeing you spend many more years and birthdays that will have me in your pictures. Happy birthday, son.
  4. My son, you have become a bosom friend that I can beckon to speak to at any time and that’s because you have grown so fast. As you become 21 today, I wish you the best of all things.
  5. Happy 21st birthday to my son, may this be your best one yet! May all of your amazing dreams come true, I love you so much.

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Birthday Wishes for 21st Year Old Son From Father:

  1. Happy Birthday to my best buddy! I am so proud of you, and I am excited to see what the future holds for you on this special day. You are stronger than you think.
  2. Happy birthday, son! No matter how many years go by, you will always be one of the most special people to me. I hope all your dreams come true on this day of yours because it is a very special day for both of us!
  3. You are my best son!! It is a real pleasure to have you around! I hope your 21st birthday is filled with more smiles and laughter, and that your wishes come true. I wish you all the best in love and life.
  4. As my son turns 21 today, May you find some time to be by yourself and rest. May your ideas become reality one day. I am sure the name you will create for yourself in the future will be something big.
  5. You’re a precious jewel to us and we wouldn’t have asked for a better son. Happy 21st birthday, sweetheart. We wish you all that you wish yourself and more.

Happy 21st Birthday to My Son:

  1. Lovely happy 21st birthday son! May you make your name in the pages of history with your amazing works! You are a good son. Happy birthday again!
  2. Happy 21st birthday, son! On such an important occasion like this, I want to remind you that you are not only a prince to me but also my best friend.
  3. I’ve got so much to say but I’ll tell you that you’re amazing, super special, and outstandingly kind. Happy 21st birthday, my sweet boy. I wish you good health and bliss.
  4. Another year has passed, and my son is now 21. Today is a special day for you because, on this very day, you became an adult. You are now responsible for everything that happens to you and to the people around you. There’s so much more I want to tell you but there’s a time and a place for everything. Happy birthday!
  5. Happy 21st birthday, my darling. You’re the reason why life is so meaningful and I can’t believe I’ve been blessed with you. I love you, deary.

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