1. Snow White told me that the 7 dwarfs are wishing you a happy 7th birthday.
  2. Have a blessed 7th birthday to you! You are truly a unique little boy. May God bless you with health, wealth, and prosperity.
  3. May you be granted 7 wishes to come true as you reach the seventh year of your life, honey! Happy birthday to you!
  4. The number 7 might be an odd number but it’s also a lucky one! I hope this 7th year of your life is a lucky year, my dear! Happy birthday
  5. Happy 7th birthday to the happiest kid I know! I hope and I wish that your 7th birthday will be 7 times more exciting than the previous birthday. And I hope you have a whole life’s worth memories built on this birthday!
  6. Happy 7th birthday, kiddo. may all your dreams come true and may you get all the time to cherish all the prosperity you receive. Have a blast!
  7. Happy 7th Birthday my little pretty boy / girl. Daddy loves you so much with everything he has.
  8. I hope a lot of positive things will happen in this year, because our little boy keeps growing right and bright. Happy 7th Birthday.
  9. Happy 7th birthday to the happiest kid in the whole world! I wish you a day full of love and happiness.
  10. What a beautiful day. I wish you a day full of laughter and fun. Happy 7th Birthday!
  11. You are the world`s greatest kid and seven makes you even seven times greater. Happy 7th birthday!
  12. Sending 7 big hugs to my 7-year-old bunny. Happy Birthday sweetheart. You are the coolest 7-year-old kid on the block and in the whole universe.

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Happy 7th Birthday Messages:

  1. You did what the week couldn’t do. It has 7 days but you have 7 years; you defeated it. Happy Birthday to the strong kid.
  2. One day, you will show the world how great you are at Mathematics. Happy Birthday to the smartest 7-year-old.
  3. The seven seas are singing “Happy Birthday to you”, that’s for the best 7-year-old ever.
  4. I’m blessed, lucky and excited to be sharing with you this 7th birthday, dear. May all your wishes come true.
  5. Happiest birthday, kiddo! I hope and pray that your 7th birthday is filled with fun, exciting games, a party, and lots of presents.
  6. You truly deserve all the happiness and love because you are the most genuine, and the kindest kid that I know.
  7. Happy 7th birthday! You are not a baby anymore and you can do things that you haven’t tried before. Take your time to explore the world and be kind to the kids younger than you.
  8. If they are looking for a seven-year-old wonderful kid, to star in Hollywood, I hope they won’t go anywhere else than here, because you are the perfect fit for any role. Happy Birthday.
  9. May the angels continue guiding you, may you have fun and may all your wishes come true as you turn 7 today.
  10. I have never in my life seen an individual as talented as you and much more at your little age. Happy Birthday!
  11. Life without water is dreadful, similarly life without you is impossible; you are the elixir of my life. I wish you a very happy birthday.

Funny 7th Birthday Wishes:

  1. When you turn 7, you get 7 times better at everything, even at playing games with me. Oh, dear, I’m in trouble. Anyways, Enjoy today.
  2. Turning 7 is very special and magical. It’s the only time you can play hard and not lose your teeth. Have fun, dear.
  3. Today I am immensely happy to see you reaching this new stage of life. I explode with so much emotion that you are turning 7, Happy birthday dear.
  4. You are fast becoming a youth and I could not help but congratulate you in the best way that I can. Have a beautiful day.
  5. Happy 7th Birthday. In this stage of new discoveries, may your beautiful dreams come true.
  6. Happy 7th birthday dear. I hope that in this new phase, you will become even greater than you already are in joy, kindness and love.

Cute 7th Birthday Wishes:

  1. Wishing you an amazing 7th birthday! At this young age, you have shown your parents so much respect and love like no other kids your age has. You are the best.
  2. Happy birthday, to my best birthday kid. You are a year older and you can make sense of a lot more things. Remember to be a brilliant self, young man. Remember that you deserve love and you should give love to others as well.
  3. Level 6 is complete and now comes the level 7. Blow the candles, my son, unlock this level that you have new friends, new discoveries, new year at school, and an amazing birthday party we are throwing for you.
  4. I hope you know how loved you are, you are a blessing to me and I love that I get to share in your 7th birthday.
  5. You are a crazy boy and I love to spend my time in your company. Happy 7th Birthday, my sweetheart.
  6. Wishing you a very happy 7th birthday, May this birthday become seventh times more thrilling and exciting.

Amazing 7th Birthday Wishes:

  1. Let’s rock party tonight and have fun today as it is your 7th birthday. May your birthday filled with unlimited happiness, joy and success.
  2. Happy 7th Birthday. You are looking so cool and smart on your special day. Have a lovely birthday.
  3. I am blessed to be sharing your 7th birthday with you, I hope you know how much you mean to me, you are an amazing kid and I will always wish you the best.
  4. It is so emotional how a seven-year-old girl like you is ready and always willing to take care of her younger brother. It’s a really great attribute.
  5. On this wonderful day of your birthday, I pray to God that you get all the true happiness and unlimited pleasure that make your world bright.

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