Keep It Simple:

One of the biggest rookie mistakes people make is to overcomplicate their business cards. If you try to include your logo, slogan, social media profiles, contact information, and a blurb about your brand, all you'll have is an illegible mess.

Remember: Your business card isn't there to tell your entire story — its goal is to inspire people to learn more about your brand. Choose one standout graphic, logo, or image to make them take notice, but leave everything else simple. And don't be afraid to use white space, as this can be a powerful design element!

Make It Double as a Coupon:

Your card should include more than just your basic contact information. A personalized business card should also provide something of value to the recipient.

Think of a special offer or discount you could include on your card — for example, 20% off your first order. You could also include a clear call-to-action directing people to your website or social media account. Even if they don't use your services right away, they'll be more likely to hold on to your business card for the future.

Consider a 3D Business Card:

In a digital world where everything takes place on a screen, business cards offer a unique experience. Touch is an incredibly powerful sense, so why not give potential customers a tactile and memorable experience?

Look for cards that are printed with natural fibers or feature a distinct textural element. This could include leather, linen, suede, or vintage cotton, or you could choose to emboss your business name or logo.

If you really want to think outside the box, design a card that does something unexpected. Could yours fold up into a cute character, double as a bottle opener, or resemble a cinema ticket? There are even see-through plastic business cards that are sure to stand out in a sea of paper.

Don't Skip Professional Printing:

You'll spend a lot of time and effort designing a professional business card. The last thing you want to do is "cheapen" the results with DIY printing efforts.

Unless you have a professional printer and die-cutting machine available at home, your best bet is to order business cards from a professional print company. Otherwise, your brand will come across as cheap and second-rate, which is not the impression you want to give to potential clients.