Our family relation is one of the most beautiful parts of our lives. It is said that blood is thicker than water and this is never more true than when it came to twin sisters. They are not only sisters but best friends as well. So on their birthday, we want to let them know how much we appreciate them and everything they’ve done for us.

There are many ways to let your sisters know how much you love them. But a heartfelt message on their birthday will surely make them feel special. So go ahead, pick some of the best birthday wishes for Twin Sisters and make their day even more special. They’ll definitely appreciate the sentiment.

  1. To my crazy twin sisters on their birthday we’ve always driven each other batty, but that’s what siblings do! Can’t wait for more crazy fun years with you two. Happy Birthday!
  2. May the double sisters have a doubly good birthday celebration today!
  3. Here’s to the most beautiful and awesome twin sisters in the world. Thanks for brightening my life with your friendship. Happy birthday, twins.
  4. You are my favorite pair of twin sisters, and today being your birthday, I want to wish you an awesome birthday full of joy and laughter.
  5. Finally, the wonderful day has knocked on the door, and today we again got the chance to celebrate two birthdays on the same day. Happy Birthday, twin sisters!

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We Are lucky to Have You Twin sisters In The Family

  1. I’m an only child. My mum and dad are six in each family. They’re both twins, and they only wanted one. I always say to them though that they’re lucky it could have all gone wrong."
  2. You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.
  3. Happy birthday to the most beautiful, most incredible twin sisters! We are so lucky to have you in the family!
  4. They’re no sisters and twins; they are best friends that genuinely care about each other.
  5. Sometimes I wish we’d been born as sisters, but then I remember how you are in the mornings.

Amazing Birthday Wishes For Twins:

  1. To my crazy twin sisters on their birthday – we’ve always driven each other batty, but that’s what siblings do! Can’t wait for more crazy fun years with you two. Happy Birthday!
  2. Both of you are magical and awesome sisters. I feel proud to be your friend. Happy birthday to both of you, hope the birthday party will have a double celebration.
  3. Twice the giggles and double the sunshine; I proudly tell the world you gorgeous boys are mine. Happy birthday, my twins!
  4. How lucky your parents are! They got everything in pairs. My deepest wishes for the greatest twins.
  5. It’s cool to celebrate the birthday of two amazing girls who have their futures bright and shiny. Have a blast, my pretty twins, I love you.

Unique Birthday Wishes For Twins:

  1. All in all, birthday wishes about twins should be as special and unique as the twins are. We hope that you have found birthday wishes that you want to wish the special twins in your life with!
  2. You drive me absolutely crazy, but I wouldn’t want any other twins as my brothers. There’s no doubt my life would be a lot different without you. Love you and wishing you a happy birthday.
  3. I woke up today wondering why the day was so beautiful and then I suddenly remembered it’s your birthday and I understood why. Wishing my favorite twins a very happy birthday.  
  4. Here’s to the most beautiful and awesome twin sisters in the world. Thanks for brightening my life with your friendship. Happy birthday, twins.
  5. Happy Birthday my darling twins, you are double what I expected and I appreciate the joy you bring to my life. I love you loads my dears, you are amazing!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Twins:

  1. A Great and Hilarious Tribute to your Sis! | Funny Birthday Wishes for your Sister
  2. Happy Birthday, twins. It surprises me that you both can agree over a thing, this shows that even pepper can be friends with the eye. Heehaw. Enjoy your day.
  3. Wishing a joyous, laughter filled happy birthday to the two cute peas in a pod. You two are siblings by blood but always argue and fight like enemies.
  4. My beloved twin sisters, happy birthday to two of the most important people in my life! I hope you enjoy all the spoils today and that the year ahead is happy, calm and fulfilling. I love you both, too much!
  5. Happy Birthday to the twins which I have such a great amount of deference for! I implore that you will keep on making the most of God’s endowments and insurance.

Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes For Twins:

  1. Shine together, shine apart, Live your lives as a work of art. With those pretty smiles and gorgeous curls ,Happy birthday to the sweetest twin girls!
  2. To the sweetest, brightest, and coolest twins that I know – happy birthday! May you two unique souls get everything that you have ever wished for.
  3. May you find success in everything that you do. I love you with all of my heart and soul. Have an amazing birthday, my sweet twin sister.
  4. Beautiful ladies such as yourselves don’t age, they grow to be beautiful princesses and then amazing queens, enjoy your day my sweethearts, and I love you!
  5. Happy Birthday to the sweetest twins. I wish you both a great life ahead.

Happy Birthday Quotes To My Twin Sister:

  1. To us, you are special daughters united even before birth. We love you so much and no matter what, always remember that we will always look out for you. Happy birthday, sweethearts!
  2. You are my twin and my best friend, for you have always been there for me when I found myself in some kind of trouble. You are more than a sister to me for your presence brings peace in the storms of life. Wishing you a wonderful birthday!
  3. Sending these birthday wishes in the form of my loving thoughts. I know it’s been a year since our last
  4. You never fail to amaze me of your strength. Keep on being strong, twin sister!
  5. The best things in life come in pairs, just like these birthday twins! Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Message For  My Twins Sisters:

  1. Happy birthday, girl friend. Lol I know you will be thinking if the message was meant for you. Happy birthday my beautiful twin sister. Love you like no other.
  2. This message goes out to my favorite girl who can always make me laugh !happy birthday
  3. It’s my and my twin sister’s joint birthday today! Feel free to send lovely messages and lavish gifts our way if you’re feeling generous!
  4. Happy birthday twins. I am grateful to have you guys in my life. May this birthday be the beginning of several wonderful birthdays to come in your lives. May God fill your lives with joy and happiness.
  5. Happy birthday twins. I know just how inseparable you two are, take care of each other,

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The best birthday wishes for Twin Sisters are the ones that come from the heart. Whether you write them in a card, text message, or email, make sure your words express your genuine feelings and convey your best wishes on their special day. So don’t hesitate to let your twin sisters know how much you love them and how grateful you are to have them in your life.

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