1. Dear boy, today is your 12th birthday. I pray that you grow up into the person you want to be and live the life that you want. Have fun on this special day and may you enjoy it to the fullest.
  2. Happy 12th birthday. Sending a hug to my beautiful boy, lots of love, and wishing you lots of fun! Wish you a happy 12 year!
  3. Happy  birthday. Thinking of you, my precious boy, and sending your happy birthday wishes your way on this special day!
  4. My greatest wish is that I can be half as great a parent to you as God is to me. I pray that he blesses your day with many happy memories, good fortune, happiness, and love in your heart! Happy birthday, boy!
  5. Happy  birthday boy, it’s your big day! Thank you for being the greatest son for whom anyone would ever dream. Wishing you the day to win and the year to be amazing!
  6. To my dearest little boy, happy 12th birthday! Always keep in mind to just let everything flow and enjoy every moment of your life.
  7. You may be a teenager now, but you will always be that cute little baby boy I used to hug and chase around. May you get all the desires of your heart. Happy 12th birthday to you!
  8. I am so proud as your dad, you are the most handsome and smartest boy out there, Happy 12th Birthday to you, dear. 
  9. The way you jump when it’s time for school and your eagerness to go to class is something I wished I had when I was your age. Heheheh. Happy 12th Birthday my boy.
  10. Who would have thought that the little boy who used to jump around like a monkey is now 12 years old! Happy 12th birthday, may god fulfill all your wishes forever.
  11. You are all of my happiness bundled into a being. I hope you a lot! Happy 12th birthday, my sweet boy.

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Birthday Wishes for 12 Year Old Boy:

  1. Happy birthday to my very special 12 year old boy. I wish that you never lose your love for life and fun.
  2. Happy birthday to my 12 year old boy! For your birthday I wish that you would understand the physics of blowing candles out when they’re up this high, and not burn yourself trying.
  3. Happy  birthday boy, it’s your big day! Thank you for being the greatest son for whom anyone would ever dream. Wishing you the day to win and the year to be amazing!
  4. Wawu! Here we are, still on the 12th birthday matter. Getting to the end of this means you want the best for your 12 year old boy. And hey! You are a wonderful person.
  5. My boy, from the day you were born, I have always wanted to give you all that I could. Today that you are 12 years old, let us make many more memories from here on! Happy birthday, my boy! Here is a message from my heart to you. Love you loads!
  6. If I had to guess your age, I would never think that you are 12. I will feel that you are about 144 months old. Happy 12th birthday!
  7. Happy birthday to you. At the age of 12, you are now old enough to have a blast on your birthday, yet, you are still too young and broke to be in real trouble, so be very careful!
  8. Starting today, out of all the 12 year olds, you are by far the most amazing, and definitely the least annoying! And that, I assure you, is a huge plus. Happy birthday!

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