1. You are certainly one in a million because not many people would do all the things that you do for everyone that comes your way. Happy 27th birthday to you, my one and only son.
  2. I hope that you never give anyone the power to rule your world more than you because when it comes down to it, you are the only one with the power to rule your world. Happy 27th birthday to you. May this be the year that you claim your power again!
  3. It shall be a blessed year all around for you. Everything you put your hands to do will work wonders and yield greatness for you. Happy 27th birthday!
  4. Ever since I birthed you, I raised you to be a true and strong man. So interesting to see you’re turning to become a great hero. Happy 27th birthday to you.
  5. Happy 27th Birthday my dear, you are really special to me and I hope you enjoy each bit of second this day has to offer.

Birthday Wishes for 27th Year Old Son From Mother:

  1. Welcome to your 27th step. The dawn of a new chapter has been opened for you. As you journey on, it will be an exciting and fulfilled ride for you.
  2. Just as you’re celebrating the 27th year today, it will never be the last. The next year will be a greater and more promising celebration for you. Have a blast!
  3. I love and I miss you all the time. You are far away to me but you are very close to my heart. Wishing you a wonderful 27th birthday.
  4. Happy 27th Birthday! When you feel old enough and brave enough to go on and get the best out of life. Do it!
  5. Dear son, turning old is a beautiful phenomenon because it comes with numerous perks. Don’t be shy of your age and enjoy life according to the phases. Happy 27th birthday to my lovely son!

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Birthday Wishes for 27th Year Old Son From Father:

  1. From the loveliest corner of my heart, wishing a happy 27th birthday to the most amazing son ever. I am quite fond of your sweetness and pristine character. Achieve everything you want and make an indelible impression. God bless you son!
  2. To the most amazing son in the world, happy birthday! I hope you get everything that you want on your special day.
  3. Happy 27th Birthday, Son! You’re the sweetest. Hope your special day is a delight. Love you a lot!
  4. Happy Birthday, friend. In your 27 years, you look confident, happy, and happy, and that fills us with excitement and enthusiasm. We wish you long life and endless moments of happiness with your loved ones.
  5. Happy 27th Birthday! Run after your dreams and what brings joy and warmth to your heart. You deserve to be okay with life every day, and today will be no exception. Enjoy this date with anyone who squirms for your success. Happy Birthday!

Happy 27th Birthday to My Son:

  1. You are a force to reckon with, and I love that you do not back down because of your age or shy away from anything. Happy 27th birthday to you, my dearest.
  2. As you advance into a new stage of your life, I want you to have learned what it means to love yourself and be extremely good to yourself because you deserve to enjoy love in its purest form. Happy 27th birthday to you my dearest son.
  3. I know you will achieve great success in life, for all it needed to grow and become great is seriously evident in you. Shine on, son.
  4. Happy 27th Birthday, my dearest son. You are the actual reason that my heart is beating
  5. As you’re 27, may an elevator take you to the 27th floor of glory.

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