1. Happy 18th birthday, son. I become prouder of the man you’re becoming with each passing year, and never have I been prouder of you than I am today.
  2. Now, you are officially an adult. We are so happy for you. I know you are a smart and brilliant boy, but still, on your 18th birthday, I want to tell you to be responsible for your life, happy birthday to you. 
  3. As your father, I am the happiest person in the world right now. It is a huge milestone in life to become 18, happy birthday to you. 
  4. I remember when I was 18 like yesterday and it was a glorious day. My wish is that your 18th birthday is even more glorious, and I also pray that you enjoy being 18 all year long.
  5. I hope you never stop being kind to all and sundry because that is the most beautiful part of you. Have fun, son and enjoy a fulfilling year as you turn 18.

Birthday Wishes for 18 Year Old Son From Mother:

  1. You are the smartest and the best son of your mom. Today, I’m the happiest mom in the world for watching you turn 18 years.
  2. You are now out of your childhood and focusing entirely on your Youth hood. Happy 18th birthday my son.
  3. You are about to start experiencing and enjoying the beauty of adulthood. I am so glad to see what you do with the new year that has just been given to you. Happy 18th birthday to you, my dearest.
  4. it is the dawn of a new day, and also the beginning of a new year. I hope that the beauty of new beginnings manifests in your life and give you a wonderful year ahead. Happy 18th birthday to you.
  5. Today is your birthday, son. Go and have a tone of fun! Happy birthday from your mommy!

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Birthday Wishes for 18 Year Old Son From Father:

  1. I always wanted to make you a good son, but you turned me into a good dad, happy 18th birthday to the most wonderful son in the world. 
  2. Welcome to the beginning of another journey in your life. I hope that you follow the tides as it leads you to beautiful moments in life. Happy 18th birthday to you, dear.
  3. It is so funny that I am the mother yet I always see something to learn about you. You are such an inspiration to many, my dear son. Happy 18th birthday to you.
  4. Many times I get worried when you are far from me. The father’s job is full of worries but now that you are turning 18 years, I trust you with your own life. Happy 18th birthday!
  5. You now have the right to enjoy your freedoms of adulthood, but remember your goals and dreams that matter the most. Happy 18th birthday!

Happy 18th Birthday to My Son:

  1. Years after years, now you are 18th. I am so glad and blessed to have an amazing son like you, happy birthday to you. 
  2. Every part of you that you have fearlessly shown the world has been perfect, and I am proud that you have decided to take this beautiful journey. Happy 18th birthday to you.
  3. My baby boy has now grown up and leaving teenagers behind. I wish you countless blessings and happy moments in your new phase. Happy 18th birthday!
  4. On your 18th birthday, I have nothing but the best wishes, heaps of love and hugs, and blessings to give you. I know you will continue to make us proud and take the legacy of family higher by leaps and bounds. Wishing a cheerful and splendid 18th birthday to my son!
  5. Turning eighteen is about enjoying freedom on one hand and fulfilling responsibility on the other. I hope you can strike the perfect balance in doing both. Happy 18th birthday.

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