If you are interested in improving your depth of knowledge, exposing yourself to new vocabulary, and keeping your brain active and sharp, you must watch documentaries online. With the help of digitalization, you could easily download popular documentaries from reputable and authentic sites like thepirateproxybay. Documentary films narrate important unknown stories and bring awareness to a much wider audience. They are the best sources of entertainment, information, and inspiration as well. They have turned out to be prompters and core elements of social issue campaigns.

As there are so many excellent documentaries out there, therefore, the possibilities are actually endless. But as everyone has different preferences where knowledge is concerned, the first step is to ask yourself, what kinds of documentaries do you like Biological; Historical; Nature; Social Causes, or anything exciting or weird?

Nowadays, there are several websites like Netflix, Top Documentary Films, Amazon, YouTube are some accessible sources to download great documentaries.

Following are some great reasons for watching documentaries:

Reasons for watching documentaries

  • New conversation: Most documentaries provide you with new things not only to watch yourself but also to share and talk with other people around you. You will soon realize that you are actually talking about them with your family and friends.
  • Breadth & depth of knowledge: Documentaries could be an effective way to introduce yourself to many other topics and gain depth in a few particular topics you might already be knowledgeable in. They would allow you to develop a better base of knowledge despite specializing in just one thing.
  • Helps for keeping your brain super active: The best part of documentaries is that they often provide you insight into various types of lifestyles and places, which you otherwise might have limited exposure to. This offers you a better perspective outside of your own memorable experiences.
  • It is interesting & fun: Documentaries are quite a fun and entertaining experience, as they keep you gripped. When you download the best documentaries from trusted and safe sites like the pirate proxy bay**,** they are one of the simplest ways to know about new facts on some exciting topics. The reason behind this is that you all are somewhere attracted to music, visuals, and of course, story-telling too. Most people love to watch documentaries rather than read books or listen to lectures or other forms of entertainment.
  • Introduce yourself to the latest lifestyles and new world: Documentaries mostly give you insight into different lifestyles and places that you might otherwise have quite limited exposure to. This offers you amazing exposure from the comfort of your home. Your job is just to download or even stream documentaries of your interest.

list of some popular documentaries that you must check out

  • Grizzly Man: A great story about a unique man, who finally decides to live with bears. It is directed by legendary Werner Herzog.
  • March of the Penguins: It is a heart-warming, classic documentary on the life of penguins that Morgan Freeman beautifully narrates in the most soothing voice.
  • Cave of Forgotten Dreams: Another masterpiece by Werner Herzog, as this documentary is about cave art that was discovered in France.
  • Jiro Dreams of Sushi: It is an amazing documentary about a passionate sushi chef, one of the best documentaries around the world.
  • The Elegant Universe: is another incredible documentary to know more about the mysteries of string theory, theoretical physics, and quantum mechanics.
  • Free Solo: An excellent documentary based on the ambition of a man’s goal to be the first solo climber of El Capitan located at Yosemite Park.
  • BBC Horizon: is a pretty long BBC series that covers different discoveries and topics.
  • Exit Through the Gift Shop: This documentary gives an interesting view of the rebellious nature of graffiti and street art; it features Bansky.

So, next time if you need to watch something super gripping and interesting, download documentaries from safe sites and broaden your knowledge. They are not mere entertainment pieces, but you get different viewpoints as well. 

If you are looking to download the best documentaries, use the pirate proxy bay, one of the reliable and efficient websites. It is a reputed and authentic source with millions of followers all over the world.

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