Each year, Americans spend an estimated $15.2 billion on unwanted gifts for their friends and family. 

If you’re worried about buying one of these unwanted gifts this holiday season, you’re certainly not alone. The truth is, gifting anxiety can lead many to dread the holiday season altogether. Fortunately, we’ve got what you need to ensure all of your gifting efforts are a hit. 

By choosing the best gift cards for your loved ones, you can ensure wanted and appreciated gifts for everyone on your list. Not sure gift cards are right for your friends and family? Follow along to discover the key advantages of gift cards and why they make the best gift!

Stay on Budget:

If the recipients on your list are after some big-ticket items, your holiday budget can get out of hand real fast. One of our favorite perks of a gift card is that it allows you to stick to your exact holiday budget without taking away from the impact of your gift. 

With a gift card, you can gift your budget towards that big-ticket item without stretching yourself too thin. This thoughtful contribution will be appreciated beyond belief, and may even team up with other gift cards and cash to help your loved one get exactly what they wanted!


With so many different types of gift cards and price points, you can get a gifting card for almost any application. 

From their favorite clothing store to an entertainment park, the sky is the limit with this simply gifting option. If you’re unsure of what to give, the best type of gift card is one that is versatile. This allows your recipient to cash it in on whatever floats their boat!

When it comes to buying gift cards without uncertainty, we suggest shopping through Byte Federal. With so many options to choose from and quick exchanges, you simply can’t go wrong!

Avoid Gift Disappointment:

There’s nothing worse than watching a loved one open a gift and seeing their face fall with disappointment. Even if they don’t show at the moment that they aren’t excited about their new gift, it’s simply a waste to give gifts that aren’t wanted. 

The worst part is that many times these unwanted gifts aren’t cheap. This means you could have stretched yourself thin, broken your budget, and still tanked it in the gifting department. 

Since everyone has different interests and gifting desires, a gift card is a great way to avoid missing the mark on the perfect gift and ensure your thoughtful presents don’t gather dust at the back of the closet. 

Beyond this, gift cards can help you avoid an uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing situation caused by buying the wrong size of clothing. Let’s face it, no one wants to buy mom the wrong size sweater. 

Easy and Convenient:

Perhaps time got away on you or your online orders simply won’t make it in time. If you’re worried about showing up on the holidays empty-handed, gift cards are a saving grace!

With the best gift cards in digital form, you can purchase your gift card on the way to the party and still impress like you’ve been organized for months! What’s more, is that with such a simple and convenient digital solution, you can even pick up last-minute gifts for attendees that you may have forgotten about without the embarrassing confrontation. 

Lower Environmental Impact:

Beyond the incredible waste of money, unwanted gifts can actually have a terrible impact on our environment. This is because most of those unwanted gifts find their way to landfills (even if they could be recycled). 

With electronics, plastics, and other goods crowding our landfills, there is a significant spike in carbon emissions and less space for the items that actually belong there. 

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your gifting footprint, gift cards are a great solution. Beyond avoiding landfills, the best gift cards don’t require any wrapping paper or other wasteful materials to present! 

Great for Picky Receivers:

We all have those people on our list that just feel impossible to buy for. Whether they already have it all or simply give no hints or indications of what they would actually like, it can make your holiday shopping feel like an uphill climb. 

For these receivers, a gift card is often the most appreciated gift of all! If they already have a lot in their possession, this allows them to choose something practical that won’t go to waste. On the other hand, if they were too shy to ask for what they really wanted, they can now pick it up with confidence! 

Perfect for Anyone on Your List:

Finally, the best gift cards can suit everyone on your holiday shopping list. From kids to parents, friends, and acquaintances, a gift card is a thoughtful way to show you care without becoming unmanageable. 

With so many people to gift to, even a small budget for gift cards can spread the love in the holiday season and ensure everyone feels remembered and appreciated.

The Best Gift Cards Do Make The Best Gifts:

With so many benefits of the best gift cards for your friends and family, there’s simply no denying that these little cards do make the best gifts. From being flexible and easy to ensuring no one feels left out, you can guarantee gifting success this season with your thoughtful gift cards!

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