1. Twenty to twenty-five are the best years in the life of humans, in it lies youthfulness at its peak. Never forget to live optimally. Happy 22nd birthday.
  2. You have been a great influence in my life. You are not just special, you are an angel. Have a wonderful birthday.
  3. On your birthday today, I pray to God to give you more wisdom and guidance to become the person you desire to be.
  4. A little bird told me that you’re turning 22 today! Congratulations! I hope this very special birthday of yours is everything you hoped it would be!
  5. We live, we learn, we love, we smile, and sometimes, life hits us hard, but still, we try to survive. Your life has been an exemplary one. Happy 22nd birthday, dear.
  6. There’s nothing cool about 22, but everything about you is very cool. Happy 22nd Birthday!
  7. Congratulations on shining for 22 years. Keep shining forever.
  8. At 22, I wish you get rid of the outdated thoughts and clean your mind. Happy Birthday!
  9. Being 22 doesn’t mean that you will celebrate for 22 hours. You get tired after a two-hour-celebration.

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Simple 22nd Birthday Wishes:

  1. I hope you have a great 22nd birthday. You don’t look a day over 21!
  2. Happy bday and I hope you enjoy being a fully fledged grownup!
  3. I am happy that as you are getting older, your sense of responsibility is growing as well. Happy 22nd birthday, my dearest. Have a blast!
  4. Having someone as beautiful as you by my side makes me want to accomplish everything in life. You have become my strength. Happy 22nd birthday, beautiful.
  5. Happy 22nd birthday to the most fantastic person I know. I hope this year makes you wiser and more content. I want you to enjoy every day like it’s yours.
  6. On your special day, I wish you a lot of happiness because you deserve it. I have never met someone so beautiful as you. I hope you know how loved you are.
  7. You have become such a beautiful part of my life. I can only imagine the misery without you. Thank you for being such a wonderful person to me. Happy 22nd birthday.
  8. Happy 22nd birthday, my love. On your special day, I want you to know that life will take different turns as you grow old. But I’m sure that you are brave enough to face them all.
  9. Let life take you on a beautiful journey as you grow old. It is what life does, and I want you not to be afraid of it. Happy 22nd birthday.

Most Adorable 22nd Birthday Wishes:

  1. In this life, it is essential to believe in yourself because it will all work out sooner or later. Happy 22nd birthday.
  2. Happy 22nd birthday, love. You are such a special person to all of us. We adore and love you so much. I hope you have an awesome birthday!
  3. Happy 22nd Birthday! You are the person that I never thought to find, and you became my sweet reality! I hope this message touches your heart, so you can know how I feel when I am with you.
  4. As much as you are beginning a more serious new step in your life, keep dreaming and believing in yourself. Happy 22nd birthday and enjoy the moment!
  5. Enjoy your 22 years, a youth wrapped in laughter, friends, and dreams; it is the secret to staying young for eternity. Stay happy as much as you can. Happy 22nd Birthday!
  6. Happy 22nd Birthday! I pray that you receive more blessings this year and in the years to come. 
  7. At this age, you will only be successful if you hold onto an extreme faith that is beyond yourself. I hope you are never afraid in your journey. Happy 22nd birthday.
  8. Today you celebrate your 22nd birthday. I pray that happiness follows you as you become the symbol of joy and optimism. Happy 22nd birthday!

Heart Touching 22nd Birthday Wishes:

  1. Today you are at the perfect age. You come to the moment when you can do what you want when you are free and conscious to seek your own happiness. Happy 22nd Birthday!
  2. Wishing you health, love, wealth, happiness and just everything your heart desires. Happy Birthday.
  3. Happy Birthday. I hope that you will have a truly marvellous and joyous day with family and friends.
  4. No one cares if you are 22 or 50 today, it is your life, and you have been a very terrible administrator; I hope you live long.
  5. I wish you a wonderful Birthday!! I hope you have an amazing day and lots of fun! Enjoy this day, you deserve it!
  6. You have been a great influence in my life. You are not just special, you are an angel. Have a wonderful birthday
  7. No need to keep your birthday a secret: it is not your looks but the smile on your face that shows that it is your birthday.
  8. Celebrate your birthday, go have lots of fun, everybody should enjoy it and have tons of fun. Happy Birthday.
  9. I felt there is no better way of expressing my true feelings on your 22nd birthday than to write it in a text; it feels like I just won a treasure hunt.

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