1. Happy birthday on the 19th, my boy. I think, that though you fall a thousand times, you never give up. I trust you and your hard work. I am confident that in life you will be a good guy.
  2. Happy 19th birthday my boy. Teenage is the age at which you make and benefit about a lot of mistakes. I’m grateful that in all these years you’ve learned a lot and I hope that this year will be the year that teaches you the most.
  3. Happy 19th birthday my boy. My heart flutters, looking at how beautiful you are. Can the Lord will watch over you and bless your life with joy and sunshine that never ends.
  4. You are an intelligent boy. Use your intelligence in positive work and seriously understand life. I wish you a happy 19th birthday. One hundred hours of happiness.
  5. On your special day, I want to give you a special gift and greetings. Have a wonderful life with many exciting events. Happy 19th birthday, my fine boy.
  6. My baby boy! You are now 19. When you were born, the doctor gave us an estimation that you would be unable to see or hear. You proved him wrong with all that you have achieved till date. I hope today will mark another milestone in your life. Wish you a happy birthday!

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Birthday Wishes for 19 Year Old Boy:

  1. Happy 19th birthday. A year older and a year smarter, you’ve grown. I hope that now you can understand how vital life is. I pray to the Lord that I will always be with you.
  2. Your path to maturity is so fast; it feels like you’re driving us hard to get older. Congrats on turning 19, hero of mine!
  3. You have reached a phenomenal stage in adulthood and are now a 19-year-old adult. Happy 19th birthday, I wish you all the best.
  4. A warm birthday to a young man of 19, not only older, but wiser, warmer and happier than the other. I love you.
  5. I hope these happy 19th birthday prayers for 19 years old help you in making the best of what you desire.

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