Fathers in Law are the unsung heroes of many families. They step in and take on the role of father when their daughters marry, and they often become like second fathers to their sons in Law. In many cases, they take care of us more than their own children and truly deserve to be appreciated. They always want to see us happy and pray for us in our future. And with their prayer, we can achieve anything in life. They are just like the backbone of our family.

They guide us and make us feel complete. They are like a friend and we can share anything with them. They play a really vital role in our lives and we should never forget to appreciate them for everything they do for us. A small word of thanks is never enough for what they do for us, but it’s a start. So on this day, take the time to birthday wishes for father in law with one of these wonderful birthday messages. He will be sure to appreciate your kind words and thoughtfulness.

  1. I keep telling my husband how I want him to be just like you when he gets older. Happy birthday, father-in-law!
  2. A toast to my best friend and special soul who has always been there for me throughout life’s ups and downs. Happy birthday, dear father-in-law.
  3. I was a princess to my dad before I got married to your son. Now I’ve become your princess too and nothing has changed. And I love that, happy birthday father-in-law.
  4. Happy B’day to the best Daddy-in-Law in the world! Take your time to enjoy this day and relax to your heart’s desire. You deserve it and more.
  5. I feel like we’re best buddies hanging out with each other. You make me feel loved and simply special. Happy birthday and have a great day.
  6. You’re a blessing to your precious family. Your wisdom, thoughts and experience change our world for the better. Have a great day and a wonderful Happy B’day.
  7. I can see where your son got his genes from and why it’s world-class. A wonderful man like you will live and be remembered for ages to come. Happy B’day.

Birthday Wishes For Father in Law from daughter in law:

  1. With you beside me, I never felt I have come into a new family altogether. Your love for me, support, and care made me feel this house is a home instantly. Happy Birthday to the most awesome father-in-law ever.
  2. Very warm greetings to you on your birthday from your most daughter-in-law. You are and always remain my source of inspiration. May your birthday goes simply superb. Happy Birthday, father!
  3. Happy birthday to the man who shines so brightly in the family. Happy birthday, father-in-law. Take some time out from your busy schedule to enjoy and rest.
  4. I wish I had married your son a lot earlier so that I could have more time to be with you. Your love and support for this family are incomparable. Happy birthday, dad-in-law!
  5. Dear father-in-law, you are precisely how I wish to be when I am your age- successful, respected, and dignified. Happy birthday to the person, my father, who inspires the world.
  6. I am glad that I have two fathers who love me equally and treat me like an angel. One my biological father and the next my Father-in-law. I hope I never let you and your family down. Happy birthday, father.

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Birthday Wishes For Father in Law from son in law:

  1. Heartfelt birthday wishes to you on this special birthday. From today, you are not just my father-in-law, but a loving dad forever and ever. Happy birthday.
  2. With each passing birthday, I look at you getting old, but you are always young at heart. Happy birthday, daddy!
  3. On this special birthday, you deserve all the happiness, health, wealth, prosperity in the world, and may all the wishes of your heart come true. Happy birthday, father-in-law!
  4. Even in tough phases and challenging times in life, I’ve seen you as a loving father, caring husband, and the best grandfather. Happy birthday, father-in-law!
  5. You always put others first. Today is your day. So turn off work, put on music, keep your feet up and relax. Happy birthday, dad-in-law.
  6. You are the best father-in-law in the world because you never let the words ‘in-law’ get in the way of our relationship. Happy birthday, dear father-in-law.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Father in Law:

  1. Make sure to set some extra pillows out on the couch – just in case I need to sleep over. This is your day. Happy Birthday, father in law.
  2. One of the many things I admire about my wonderful father is his ability to laugh at himself and not take life too seriously. Happy Birthday my father-in-law.
  3. Happy Birthday to my favorite father-in-law! You’re a great guy, and I’m glad you like me.
  4. May your special day be filled with love and laughter because that’s what you give us every day. Happy Birthday to the man that I can always go to for anything.
  5. If I could be half the man you are, I’d consider myself a very lucky man. Happy Birthday to an awesome father-in-law!
  6. Not sure if you know it or not, but you’ve been a big part of my life. Thanks for everything! Happy Birthday!

Birthday Messages for Father In Law:

  1. Dear Father-in-law, you are such a great person and a compassionate human being. Wish you an amazing birthday!
  2. Today, I want to tell you that you are also like a father to me. We love you so much. Happy Birthday, my greatest father-in-law!
  3. Your daughter is my life and thank you for rising such as a wonderful girl. You are my great father-in-law. Happy Birthday!
  4. Dear father-in-law, I wish you all the best things in life on your special day. Happy birthday!
  5. I am lucky that I found another dad in you. Thank you for all your love over the years. On your special day, I wish you nothing but happiness. Happy birthday, my greatest father-in-law!
  6. I am blessed to have a father-in-law like you. Thank you so much for everything. You love me like your own child. Have a wonderful day. Happy birthday, father-in-law.

Birthday Quotes For Father In Law:

  1. I feel so blessed to have a father-in-law like you in my life that’s why I want to make it up to you this time. Thank you so much for loving me like your own. Happy Birthday father-in-law.
  2. Every candle on your cake is another year I have been lucky to have known you. Happy Birthday to you dearest Father-in-law.
  3. All my life, I never thought a father-in-law would be as amazing as you are. Thanks for letting me know that you really care about me. Have a Happy Birthday !
  4. May your troubles be less and may your blessings be more, and nothing but happiness comes through your door. Happy Birthday my dad-in-law.
  5. You’ve always been treating me like your son, and I feel so grateful for that. Happy birthday, dear dad-in-law.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Father in Law:

  1. I love you with all my heart and soul! Happy special birthday father-in-law!
  2. Happy Birthday father-in-law! You are the greatest man in the world. There aren’t enough words to describe how great of a father, husband and person you are. 
  3. Thanks for always being there for my kids. I don’t think I will ever be able to thank you enough! Happy birthday to my favorite father-in-law.
  4. Thank you for being a provider, a leader and a great Father-in-law. All your efforts have paid off and made life a lot easier for us. I wish you a Very Happy birthday!
  5. I am speechless, what to say. You are an amazing father-in-law! No words can express how much you mean to me. I wish you a very happy birthday!
  6. Happy birthday to the best father-in-law I know. You continue to amaze us with your generosity and the passion you put into everything you do.

Birthday Prayers for Father in Law:

  1. I walk around believing there’s nothing I cannot accomplish because of the strong values you instilled in me. Happy birthday to my biggest source of encouragement.
  2. God bless you, father in law! Happy Birthday. You are always ready to sacrifice your happiness just to put a smile on my face. May happiness and joy forever reign in your heart of gold.
  3. May you never feel discouraged or empty in life. May you enjoy a wonderful life filled with happiness, peace and prosperity. Happy birthday, sweet father in law.
  4. Let God stretch forth His hands and encompass you in true happiness and serenity all the days of your life. Happy birthday father in law.
  5. Dear sir, may you enjoy boundless joy all your days. You mean so much to me daddy. Have a happy birthday father in law.
  6. Happy birthday, darling dad. Like old wine, you get better with age. I wouldn’t trade you for any other. Happy birthday, father in law.

Inspirational Birthday Wishes For Father in Law:

  1. Since we can’t beat age to its game, we might as well play to its tune. May you age gracefully and in grand style. Happy birthday father-in-law.
  2. Dearest father-in-law, thank you for being a wonderful friend, father, advisor and mentor to your daughter/son and me over the years. We celebrate you today. Happy birthday father-in-law.
  3. I’m thankful for a protective figure like you in my life. I feel safe whenever I hear your voice. Happy birthday father-in-law, and may happiness, strength and good health accompany your every step.
  4. Thank you for inspiring us and our children, your grandchildren, to dream as big as the universe. Happy birthday father-in-law!
  5. Happy birthday father-in-law! May you keep touching our lives and that of multitudes with your kind heart and empathy. The world needs more like you.
  6. Birds are to the skies, as fish are to the sea. But great fathers-in-law will live through their legacy long after they are gone! Happy birthday.

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Birthday wishes for father in law are always special as they mark the beginning of a beautiful relationship. It is a time to let your father know how much you appreciate him and everything he has done for you. A birthday is also a great opportunity to show your father how much you care about him. So, make sure to include some heartfelt messages in your birthday wishes to make them even more special.

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