Are you moving soon? You can plan an organized move with a step-by-step timeline provided by Pippalee. 

Moving is stressful, that’s why we have created an epic moving checklist that helps you to figure out what you should be doing before and during your move. With a little bit of guidance, you will be sure to have everything done between now and the big day. 

Through a customizable moving checklist, you can stay organized during your move!

8 Weeks before You Move:

Get A Moving Binder:

Create a moving binder and keep track of all the inventory and receipts of all the stuff that you are moving. It will surely be helpful to get all the estimates in one binder. 

Selecting Your Mover:

Now it’s time to determine how you want to move. Are you hiring professionals or shifting by yourself? Figure out what option you will use considering your budget. 

Start familiarizing yourself with different options, and if you want to hire movers start investigating various moving companies. Request for an estimate in writing from individual companies and ensure that it must have a USDOT number on it. Lastly check that your desired moving company is licensed, experienced, and insured.

Sort And Cleanse:

Get a peek in every room of your house and then decide what items you will keep and what you’d like to get rid of. Now cleanse the things that you’d like to keep in a new house and throw the rest of the items. 

Research Schools And Organize Kids Records:

School-age children? Search a school for your kids in a new community where you will shift soon. Along the same vein, request transcripts for your kids from their old school for their new school. 

6 Weeks before You Move:

Purchase Moving Supplies:

It’s time to order the packing supplies from moving boxes to markers, tape, bubble wrap, and most important do not forget to order specialty containers.

Take Measurements:

Take measurements of rooms at your new house and make sure that your large furniture pieces will fit through your doorways. 

Research Packing Hacks:

By learning different packing hacks, it will be quite handy for you when you start packing your stuff. 

Do A Change Of Address:

Go to your nearest local post office and fill a change-of-address form, or do it online it will be a more handy option to avail. But in case there are stragglers, it’s always wise to request a neighbor to look out for mail after you’ve moved. 

4 Weeks before You Move:

Shortlist Your Mover:

Contact 4 to 5 moving companies and request for estimates. Choose a moving company that fits you and ask them to give written confirmation of your moving, cost estimations, and further details.  

Important Notifies:

Notify the following parties before a move

  • Health Club
  • Doctor      
  • Dentist
  • Newspapers/Magazines
  • Pharmacy
  • Lawn Service
  • Bank/Finance Companies
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Water


It’s time to start packing! Start boxing up the things that you infrequently use like seasonal items, sports gear, or books you won’t need in the few weeks leading up to the move. Pack all the fragile items with care and label the moving boxes using stickers or colored tapes. Separate your valuable items and make a separate box for them that you will keep with you during a move.

Label The Boxes:

Label each moving box with the name and the room that it is destined for. It will be handy when you unpack your items.

Create Inventory Sheet Of Valuables:

It is a safe option if you make an inventory sheet of all your valuables before they load on the moving truck. Keep a record of the boxes you packed your valuables in.

2 Weeks before You Move

Order New Decor:

Take a look over a blueprint and order the furniture according to space. We generally suggest if you are going to call for an oversized furniture couch or bed, then order two weeks before your move so that the furniture would be delivered to you at the correct time.  

Scheduled The Movers:

Time for scheduling! Keep in mind when picking a specific date of move whatever day, week, or month you choose it will affect the cost of your move. It is more convenient and cost-saving if you plan your move during the offseason the same goes for the weekdays.

Visit The Veterinarian For Your Pet:

Take your pet to the vet for the last check-up before you move. Be sure to obtain all shot and vaccine records as well.

Update The Bank Account And Credit Card Billing:

It’s time to update your bank account and credit card billing addresses. It is done in less than a minute online or by phone.

1 Week before You Move:

Clean Your Old House:

It’s time to say bye to your old house. Cleaning your old house will save you from giving a cleaning fee against your security deposit. And do not forget to clean your refrigerator and pantry.  

Pack The Kitchen Wares:

Boxing up the most frequently used items, and all the essentials and kitchen wares it’s time to end up the packing process. Make sure that you label them correctly. 

Contact to Movers:

Contact and reconfirm all the details of the arrival date and time from your moving company. Do not forget to let them know any other necessary logistics, such as parking and elevator use.  

Few Days Before You Move:

Defrost The Refrigerator:

Note that if you are about to move, you might wash and clean your freezer or refrigerator 24 hours before proceeding. Any moisture left inside can cause mold to grow during the move.

Get Cash For Tip:

You should have enough cash with you if you meet any emergency. If the movers perform a good job, then tip them about 10 to 15 percent off the total fee. As refreshments are always appreciated!

Finish The Last Minute Errands:

Go through all the cabinets, drawers, and closets so that nothing is left behind. Secondly, unplug all the electronic appliances the day before you move. Pack all the leftovers and knick-knacks.


Water Bottle on Hand:

The moving process is a strenuous process so to avoid being dehydrated make sure to have enough water bottles for your friends and movers.

Handover the Keys:

Lastly, do not forget to hand over the keys to your landlord. 

Lading Bill:

Sign the freight Bill. It states the documents under which your goods are moved. Make sure to complete and sign the declared valuation statement.

Do a final walkthrough of your old house to make sure nothing has been left behind!

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