Are you missing a loved sister today? Her birthday might be especially hard. You can honor your sister by doing something special in their memory. Here are some ideas for celebrating your loved one’s birthday even though they are no longer with you.

Even though our loved ones are gone, their birthday is still an important day. It’s a time to reflect on all the good times we had together and to celebrate the life they led. There are many ways to mark your loved one’s birthday, big or small. Happy birthday in heaven sister is a great way to keep her close to your heart.

  1. As you enjoy the afterlife peacefully, please know that my sister’s birthday will always be a reason for me to say thank you for the time we spent together. Thank you for being the best imaginable sibling.
  2. Sister, since you have joined the heavens, life has been hard to find cause for celebration. Yet, today, as I imagine you celebrating a very special heavenly birthday, I feel overwhelmed with peace and happiness.
  3. We want you to know, when you observe your birthday in heaven, that nothing will ever replace you in our hearts. Sending you tones of love forever!
  4. I wish, on your birthday, all the angels of heaven join hands with each other to celebrate your special day and make it the grandest birthday celebration of the cosmos. Happy birthday to my sis in heaven!
  5. You don’t know how precious you were in my life. You were my everything. I don’t know how I describe you in words but you are in my every emotion. Missing you and always loving you. Happy birthday dear sister in heaven!

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Special Happy Birthday Wishes In Heaven Sister:

  1. Hey sister, I know my words will surely reach you. No one can ever replace your mesmerizing memory and full of warmth presence. I wish I could get to see your bubbly face on your special day. Be happy in heaven and have a joyous birthday!
  2. Oh, Rejoice! Someone is in heaven celebrating a birthday and that soul is so dear to me. Surely the angels are now rejoicing in heaven, just like her whole family is here on earth, my dear sister, happy birthday in heaven.
  3. Maybe you’re no longer with us, but I can feel your warmth, my sister. My life without you has been colorless. Let God bestow peace on you! In heaven,
  4. Wishing the most marvelous sister ever made by God a lovely birthday party! Dearest sister, I’m starving to see you every day but your absence is most missed on special days like this. I hope we really soon meet again!
  5. I miss you every day, but especially today, on your Heavenly birthday. I know we will surely meet again in Eternity. I love you so much. Happy birthday, my sweet sister!

Happy Birthday Quotes To My Sister In Heaven:

  1. You said goodbye to us too early but your sweeter than sugar memories still reside in our minds. We can’t do anything except shedding tears while remembering you on your special day. Wishing happy birthday to my sister in heaven!
  2. Sisters are an ocean of warmth for their brothers. Sending birthday wishes and happy birthday to you in heaven! Your departure I can never bear. Miss you always!
  3. Every I feel you are still with me watching over me when you were alive. But you are always alive for me. Today is your birthday but now you reside in heavenly place called heaven. Happy birthday in heaven sister!
  4. You may not be with us anymore, but I can feel your love, my sister. My life has become colorless without you. May God give you peace! Happy birthday in heaven! Your brother misses you a lot!
  5. I lost not only a sister but also my friend with whom I had spent the best times of my life. I wanted to hug you and wish you a happy birthday, but I can’t. My sister, you’ll always be in my heart. Happy birthday in heaven!

Happy Birthday In Heaven To Little Sister:

  1. Happy Birthday little sister! I hope you enjoy this special day and remember that I am thinking of you. I love you so much and can’t wait till your next visit.
  2. There is no one else in the world that I care more as much as little sister. You are everything to me and I love you soooo much! I promise to always be your guardian angel in heaven and earth!
  3. The day you landed on earth was one of the best days of my life because I got the younger sister. But God never wanted that happiness to last with me for long. Happy Birthday in heaven, my little sister!
  4. You are not only a younger sister to me but the reason for my happiness, but God took you away from me. Happy Birthday in heaven, my little sister!
  5. Younger sister is always a blessing because she teaches you how to treat a daughter. But unfortunately, I lost you, and this is the biggest loss of my life. Happy Birthday in heaven, my little baby!

Happy Birthday To My Big Sister In Heaven:

  1. I Love You So Much And I Miss You More Than I Can Say. You Were My Big Sister And Today I Hope You Are Looking Down On Me With A Little Smile Of Pride Knowing How Far I’ve Come. Not A Day Goes By That I Don’t Think Of You, And Wondering What You Would Say If You Were Here With Us Today.
  2. Hey Big Sis! I Just Wanted To Write You A Little Note To Say “Happy Birthday”. I Miss You Every Day, But It Seems Like It Gets Harder On Your Birthday. You Were Always There For Me You Protected MeYou Loved Me. Big Sis, I Hope You Are Smiling Down On Me Today. I Know You Are Up There With GOD Making Sure He Doesn’t Forget About Me
  3. My Big Sis, My Older Sister, Is The Best Sister A Girl Could Have. You Were A Great Sister And A Great Friend To Me. I Miss You So Much And I Wish You Could Still Be Here With Me. But Wherever You Are I Know You Are Watching Over Us.
  4. You are not only my sister but one of my best friends. You’ve stood by me in good times and bad and always seem to know what I need to hear when I need it the most. I look up to you as a big sister and always will. I am so lucky to have you as part of my family, and on your special day I hope life gives you all the happiness you deserve! Have an awesome birthday!
  5. I said goodbye with tears, but heaven received you with a smile. Enjoy your birthday in heaven, sister.
  6. My big sister, my second mom, happy birthday in heaven! It’s the first time that you’re not with us on your birthday. I became very alone since you went to God. Really miss you a lot, sister!

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Today is a bittersweet day as we celebrate your birthday, but it’s hard without you here. You were always the life of the party, and we miss your infectious laugh and a kind heart more than words can express. We know you’re watching over us, and we feel your presence in every happy moment. We love and miss you so much, sis. Happy Birthday in Heaven.

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