1. Today you turn the big two-five, don’t look back or look ahead, just enjoy every minute of this day. Happy birthday, I love you daughter!
  2. My daughter, I wish you a very happy 25th Birthday! This is a milestone in your life and I hope that you will make the most out of it. Have a blast of goodness in your 25th year.
  3. I can’t believe that I’ve been a mother for about 25 years now. It only must have been God really. Happy birthday to you, my dear daughter. Have a wonderful celebration today!
  4. Happy birthday to you, my dear daughter. It’s beautiful that it’s your 25th birthday today, and I’m really glad about that. I feel so overwhelmed with joy, and thankful for this glorious day. I pray that your steps are ordered. Amen.
  5. Happy birthday to you, my little girl who has grown up into a beautiful young woman. I am proud of the woman you are becoming. Welcome to year 25!

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Birthday Wishes for 25th Year Old Daughter From Mother:

  1. A mother’s joy is to see her daughter thrive well in life, and you’ve been doing all that. I’m proud of you, you’ve made me a proud mum. On your birthday today, I wish you a prosperous year ahead. Happy 25th!
  2. Love, my little girl! As each day passes, I feel so proud to have you as my daughter. You are a massive success and I wish that ten years from now I could see you where you are today. Happy birthday!
  3. Here’s wishing you not only the most memorable, fruitful and exciting years ahead but also an incredibly successful and productive year. I love you, dear daughter! Happy 25th birthday anniversary.
  4. 25 years of God’s faithfulness. Indeed, God has been faithful to me. You’re one of the many proves. Happy 25th birthday to you, my darling. Daughter, your days on earth are blessed.

Birthday Wishes for 25th Year Old Daughter From Father:

  1. I’m pleased with you, happy birthday my dear. May this birthday be filled with joy and gladness. Happy 25th birthday today. Have an amazing one, dear daughter.
  2. Your twenty-fifth birthday has come! May all your dreams come true and may you always be happy, healthy and live a life free from misery and pain. Happy birthday.
  3. Happy 25th birthday to you princess, you’re such an amazing person full of life and radiating beauty. I’m proud of you my baby girl. Have a beautiful birthday celebration.
  4. My daughter, happy birthday. May your days be long and fruitful. May the Lord strengthen and uphold you with His mighty hands. Happy 25th birthday to you, daughter.
  5. The best years of life are about to come. Happy 25th Birthday! May every dream of yours come true!
  6. Today you’re celebrating 25 years of your life and I’m here to give you my best wishes. Happy birthday, dear! Always remember that we’ve to try our best today to be happy tomorrow. May God give you the courage and patient to remove any obstacles!

Happy 25th Birthday to My Daughter:

  1. Happy birthday to you! Let’s welcome your 25th birthday with a bang! Many congratulations and I hope your 25th year is a great one!
  2. My adorable daughter, your 25th birthday comes only once, so cherish it with happiness while it lasts.
  3. I wish you a blissful year ahead, Happy 25th birthday to you today. I can’t believe you’re all grown now. God’s indeed awesome. I love you, daughter.
  4. Darling daughter, I feel the privilege of being your mother and I wish you many happy returns as you clock 25. Happy birthday my baby girl.
  5. Congratulations to you today. Happy 25th birthday. May God continually increase you and elevate you amidst your contemporaries. I’m pleased with you. Happy birthday to you, dearest daughter.

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