Turning into a teenager is a very special occasion for a young girl. It’s the day she officially becomes a teenager and starts on the road to adulthood. On her birthday, she’ll probably want to celebrate with her friends and family, and maybe receive some nice presents too. They hold a special kind of excitement. After all, it’s the time she can truly celebrate being alive and on her own terms! So what should you do to make your teen’s birthday memorable? We’ve got some ideas.

You might wish her a happy birthday by writing a birthday wish on a greeting card. The best birthday wishes for teenager girl are ones that express your love and pride and wish her all the best in whatever she does. These wishes can be serious or funny, as long as they come from the heart. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out our birthday wishes for teen girls below.

  1. Oh Yes! This is it! Here comes our sweet girl arriving at the teenage juncture of life, may every second be enjoyable for you as you clock this age.
  2. There are absolutely many ways to greatness in life, but I can assure you that living a good teenage life is one of them, don’t take this age with levity.
  3. I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to find the perfect birthday gift for you, but that’s because my love for you sometimes leaves me featherbrained.
  4. One day you’ll be a rich and successful businesswoman, but for now, you’re still the sweet little girl whom I must buy doll babies for her birthday.
  5. You are more than a conqueror but also a kind and loving young lady. May your blessings and happiness in this life know no end.
  6. Someday I’ll be able to buy you gold and diamonds for your birthday, but by that time, I feel you’ll be too rich to even need them.
  7. You are a beautiful angel, and I am wishing upon you a heavenly birthday.
  8. May your birthday be more than you expected and your life beyond even your most-pleasing fantasies.
  9. One day you will look back and realize this time of your life was just the first chapter to the fairytale epic that lay ahead.

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Cute Birthday Wishes For Teenager Girl:

  1. In your presence, I may smile, but behind closed doors, I shed tears, for I am both happy and sad that my little girl is growing up.
  2. May you have a wonderful birthday that even transcends your expectations of what a wonderful birthday should be!
  3. May your future be one in which you excel at everything you lay your thoughts and hands to.
  4. Yesterday was the climax of another outstanding stage of your life, but today marks the beginning of an even more-glorious chapter! I feel so privilege to be part of that exceptional chapter of your life.
  5. This is a very special day for not only you but also for everyone who cherishes you. From the bottom of my heart, I hope you have a grand good time celebrating every single moment of it!
  6. Congratulations! The metamorphosis is complete and you’re now a teenager. This is the day you’ve been waiting for and we are happy to celebrate it with you.
  7. May all of your teenage years be exciting and fabulous. Have a wonderful birthday, my dearest.
  8. My wish for you on this special day is that you have a happy teenage life and sweet experiences. Happy birthday, dear!

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Teenager Girl:

  1. Wishing you the most enjoyable teenage years. I hope that you’ll follow your heart’s desires and keep chasing your dreams. Success is definitely yours.  Happy birthday, dear!
  2. This new phase is the beginning of a life filled with wonderful achievements and adventures. Enjoy this day in grand style. Happy birthday!
  3. Happy birthday, my girl. Your zeal to learn will take you far. I believe you will understand the difference between right and wrong at every moment of your life and always stand for the truth.
  4. Many teenagers know the right things, but only a few of them do them; I know where you belong. May God guide you as you do right. Happy Birthday!
  5. Happy birthday. You are a special person in my life, and I will always be here for you. Never forget that I love you
  6. May your teenage years be a memorable period. Congratulations on officially becoming a teen. Best wishes on your 13th birthday. May you find happiness in whatever you do.
  7. Happy birthday to the newest member of the teenager’s club. It is an age to grow in every aspect; keep growing and enjoy each day.
  8. Happy birthday to my teen. May everything fall into place while you’re in this exciting period of your life. Cheers to your teenage life!

Religious Birthday Wishes for Teenager Girl:

  1. Becoming a teenager is surely one of the best times in life. Prepare yourself to have a kind heart for others and make lifelong memories. Happy birthday!
  2. As you go down the teenage path of life, remember these are the best years. Spend them wisely and always be humble. Happy birthday!
  3. Throughout these years, you’ve been a hardworking, intelligent, funny, and diligent teenager. You are an inspiration to the people around you. Enjoy your birthday!
  4. You need to know this is your day. The world is yours to conquer, and we are wishing you an unforgettable birthday. Happy birthday!
  5. This is the time in your life where you discover how the world truly functions. So, be ready and learn as much as you can, and be wise. Happy birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Teenager Girl:

  1. Watching you grow up has been joyful, meaningful and to some extent stressful. But it’s still the best thing that has happened to me. Happy birthday!
  2. As your parents, we have the right to tell you what to do. As a teenager, it’s surely your duty to do exactly not what we ever tell you to. Happy birthday!
  3. You are not a child anymore but not yet mature enough to be considered an adult. How strange? Well, welcome to your teen years. Happy birthday!
  4. We officially welcome you to your teenage years. You only get seven. We advise you use them wisely. Happiest birthday!
  5. Always remember that you’re awesome, and there’s no one on the planet like you. Never let anyone make you believe otherwise. Happy birthday, my girl.

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The teenage years are a time of change and growth, both for the individual and for the family. It can be hard to know what to wish for your daughter as she celebrates another year of life. We hope that these birthday wishes will help you express your love and support for your teenager girl and that she knows how much you appreciate her.

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