1. Happy Birthday to the most handsome 6 years old in the world, I am so blessed that you are a part of our family.
  2. Your parents are very lucky to have a cute son like you, Happy Birthday to you, dear. 
  3. I have never seen someone that much cute in the entire world as you. You are the cutest and the smartest kid in this world, Happy Birthday to you, sweetheart. 
  4. The superb part of your birthday is you, not your birthday cake. I wish you a very happy 6th birthday, my sweet and cute boy.
  5. You’ve turned six today and it’s awesome. You were a mere five yesterday. Time passes easily indeed. You go to an ordinary school. May you get the best party on your birthday. Happy birthday sweet boy just 6 now!
  6. Just look at how much you’ve evolved. This warm greeting is for you to indicate that you want to celebrate your 6th birthday. May this day be packed with fun, food, sports and happy birthday honey!
  7. Happy 6th birthday! May this day turn your frown upside down. I hope you have lots of fun, I love you my boy!
  8. My super duper cool boy, I wish you a very happy 6th birthday. Have fun.

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Birthday Wishes for 6 Year Old Boy:

  1. Know whatever age you turn, I will be here to celebrate with you in every birthday; I will be your guardian angel now and always. Happy Birthday sweet 6 year old boy.
  2. Happy Birthday to the most handsome 6 years old in the world, I am so blessed that you are a part of our family.
  3. Sending all the love and good wishes for the most amazing 6 years old in the world, Happy Birthday to you. 
  4. God’s angels are always on guard for you. They’ll watch over everything that concerns you. Happy 6 years old birthday, baby.
  5. We do not yet know what you are going to become as you grow up. You might be a dentist, an engineer, a pilot or a politician. Everything I know that you’re the prettiest 6-year-old. Happy 6th birthday my little prince!
  6. Happy 6th Birthdaythe most beautiful and intelligent boy in the world who is 6 years old. Thank you very much for bringing to our lives all the peace and joy we are fortunate to have in our lives.
  7. Happy birthday dear. Wishing you a beautiful 6th birthday, with so much fun and laughter. Happy birthday most brilliant and beautiful six year old boy!
  8. Celebrating another year in your life my six year old boy! Blow your candles and eat lots of cookies, so be happy! Happy sixth birthday little one of my own!

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