1. Time is flying by so fast! We can’t believe that you are one year old today!
  2. Let’s make a deal. We’ll spoil you rotten if you promise to stop growing up so fast!
  3. Well, one year old, it is your special day. Enjoy it like the special girl that you are.
  4. You have only one year with us. That means that you have many more years of being spoiled by your grandparents!
  5. We are wishing you unlimited happiness, hugs, and cuddles for your special day!
  6. You give us a gift every day. One year with you has meant 365 special gifts that you’ve given us. Each day with you in our lives is in irreplaceable and priceless present.
  7. Enjoy your smash cake on your first birthday, you have the rest of your life to be proper.
  8. Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, today you are one, next year you’ll be two! Happy Birthday!
  9. Your first year has flown by so quickly. Please try not to grow up too fast!
  10. Our first year with you has been the most special year of our lives. We continue to love you more and more every day.

1st Birthday Blessings And Prayers For Loved Ones:

  1. It is your big day today little one! We are wishing you a very special birthday because you only turn one once.
  2. Have an awesome day today, and you might not remember it, but we all will because it is a special day.
  3. It is a very special day for you and your family. We wish you nothing but the best on this day, and forever and ever.
  4. I cannot believe you are one. It seems you were just born yesterday. Happy birthday and have a blessed day.
  5. Bless you. We can’t believe you are now one! Have a joyful day today and always.
  6. Hope you get spoiled on your first birthday. You are an awesome kid who deserves the best things in your life. Enjoy your 1st special day. 
  7. Hey kiddo, we wish you a great day and hope you receive some great presents.
  8. Are you ready to turn one? Ready or not, you are now one! All the best to you, we love you.
  9. Many great wishes to you on your 1st birthday ever. I want to wish you nothing but happiness today.
  10. You may only be turning one, but you have already made a huge impact in our world. Have a good birthday.

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1st Birthday Wishes Ideas for Everyone:

  1. There is no other prettiest gift than you I have ever found in my life. Enjoy this special moment with great enthusiasm. Happy birthday to the sweetest one-year-old.
  2. You are the gem of our home and wishing you lifetime happiness on the biggest day of your first birthday celebration. I hope you enjoy every bit of the moment. Happy birthday.
  3. Wishing you a very happy first birthday to the soul of my heart! Since you have come into our home, brought happiness and fun. May you fill our home with your laughter and smile. Happy 1st birthday.
  4. Have the best 1st birthday ever to my cute and little angel! Now, you are growing too fast, your lips are moving, your feet are running, and you are laughing very loud as today is your special day. May God bless you with everything!
  5. Let’s get ready for the party until the last slice of cake is eaten. Have an outstanding first birthday!
  6. Playing games, eating cake, blowing candles, unwrapping gifts, and having too much fun. There is not much work to do, and you are just one. Have the perfect and lovely 1st birthday!
  7. Dear, don’t be upset if you cannot blow out the candles in one go. It only means that you still have to grow a lot. Happy and awesome 1st birthday!
  8. Never try to underestimate the power that a 1-year old possesses. From continuing shouting to dirty nappies, they make everyone dance on their tiny fingers. The happiest 1s birthday!
  9. Congratulations on your first birthday! I know you won’t be able to respond to my congratulations. But I am sure you understand with your cute smile. Happy 1st birthday!
  10. We have no idea how we lived without you before. But you so rapidly joined our family, as if you were forever with us. We are really so thrilled to have you in our family. May God bless you with everything. Happy 1st birthday, little and cute one.
  11. Wishing you a very happy 1st birthday to our little super actress! The cutest selfies ever are the ones taken with you, and we wish you get all the success in every step of your life.

Funny 1st Birthday Wishes:

  1. This first year has been the most amazing and special year of our lives. We continue to love you more and more with every passing year.
  2. You may not remember the flavor of your first birthday cake, but you will always feel the warmth and love that your parents put into making it a special one. Happy birthday!
  3. You have graced our lives for a full year now. Thank you for all that you have given to us. Happy birthday!
  4. This is just the first of many “happy birthdays” for you. Have a deliciously fun 1st birthday, little cutie!
  5. Watching you grow day by day is in itself a pretty sight. I’m sure you’ll grow up into a wonderful person just like your parents. Happy first birthday.
  6. Happy Birthday. May all the years to come offer you as much happiness and pride as you have been offering us since the day you came into our lives. 
  7. Your angelic smile and your innocent eyes support my belief that life is worth living despite all the troubles. Happy birthday. 
  8. You are one today, and this is a very special day. You might not know it yet, but you are loved by all. Have a great first birthday.
  9. Hey kiddo, we wish you a great day and hope you receive some great presents.
  10. I will never forget that phone call, one year ago today of your beautiful mama calling to announce your wonderful arrival! Happy 1st Birthday. 

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