The day your baby is born is a day to celebrate! The arrival of a new baby is an occasion that brings joy to the whole family. You can enjoy this special day even more by sending heartfelt prayers to a new baby that expresses your love and happiness.

But finding the right words to say can be a challenge. To do this you should do some research and get some ideas and also think yourself to make these wishes more creative. So take time and make the best birthday wishes for new baby.

  1. As we watch you grow, we will always remember your first birthdays. You are the cutest baby, and we hope you grow into a wonderful person.
  2. You are the most wonderful gift to your parents. Nobody could have given them more. Have a fun and joyful birthday.
  3. Welcome to the world, little one! So thrilled that you’re here!
  4. Sending warm blessings for the newborn and sincere wishes to the proud parents!
  5. Best wishes to the parents of the cutest angel! May you cherish and enjoy the days ahead!

Birthday Wishes For New Baby Girl:

  1. A sweet little baby girl like you is a blessing for everyone around you. Your smile brings joy and warmth to everyone’s hearts. I hope you can find the same joy in everything you do or wherever you go in this world.
  2. Happy birthday to the sweetest baby girl, may you have the power to heal anything from your beautiful smile!
  3. I’m sending lots of blessings, a big hug, countless kisses and lots of little cuddles to a special little baby girl who was born on this day! Happy birthday! 
  4. My charming baby girl, today you are one year older, happy birthday! I’m praying that you have a healthy growth, endless happiness and many blessings from God. Enjoy your special day!
  5. My warm wishes you your cute and little baby girl. All the best and many congratulations.

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Birthday Wishes For New Baby Boy:

  1. Well, all the first together, happy 1st birthday baby boy. Mom and dad are proud and happy to have you in our lives. You are truly a blessing!
  2. Your eyes shine brighter and your face is glowing, oh so even you know it’s your 1st birthday that we are celebrating. Happy 1st baby boy!
  3. Life could be normal and happy but then you happened. And you changed everything miraculously as if there were no yesterday before you. Happy birthday baby boy!
  4. Bubbly, giggly, smiley and happy today is the birthday of this beautiful baby boy!
  5. This cute baby has brought so much love and happiness into your lives. May he enjoy all the gifts and cake! happy birthday wishes to baby boy!

Best Birthday Wishes For New Baby:

  1. Today is our favorite day of the year, because it is the day when you came in this world. We wish you all the best on this day!
  2. Sending my best wishes to my little girl! Happy bday sweetheart! Your blissful charm makes everyone smile! May the Lord bless you year after year with his boundless love and care.
  3. Let’s celebrate our baby girl’s first birthday together. Our best wishes to your little angel on her special day. May she touch the sky.
  4. On your special day, we wish you the best future, and we hope that it fills with love, care, happiness, and respect. Have a spectacular birthday, our super actress!
  5. Happy first birthday to the best boy ever. You are loved by all those around you and are definitely going to have an awesome life in store.

Funny New Baby Wishes For New Baby:

  1. Your life is going to change forever, but I don’t think you’ll mind very much. I’m so happy for you. Congratulations!
  2. Your baby boy is such a cute little one; he’s already stolen quite a few hearts. Congratulations!
  3. Your horoscope suggests that you have a busy few months ahead. Diapers to change and rejection to clean! Congrats and enjoy the ride!
  4. Earlier you used to cook for two and now you have to cook for three! Congratulations to new mother!
  5. Kids are the future of the world. So why not allow all the flowers and butterflies to welcome this cute baby. Your baby girl is beautiful, and she will be the joy of your life. All my best wishes!

Birthday Wishes Parents For New Baby

  1. Happy first birthday to a sweet baby boy and to his parents, I wish you continued joy!
  2. Lace and bottles go together well and on her first birthday, parents, you’ve done swell!
  3. Congratulations on becoming parents! It’s such an amazing and rewarding experience. May your parenthood be filled with love and happiness; nothing is impossible when you have your family by your side. 
  4. Congratulations to proud new parents! May these tiny feet will tiptoe with love into your hearts and stay there forever!
  5. On your child’s birthday, I want to congratulate you for being such wonderful parents and raising such a wonderful kid. My prayer for your sweet child on her birthday is that the skies above him/her always remain blue.

Special First Birthday Wishes For Baby:

  1. Your first birthday is extremely special because you can have your cake with your hands, feet or face! Happy birthday!
  2. You are an amazing baby and deserve all the best things in your life, so enjoy your first special day my special prince!
  3. This first year has been the most amazing and special year of our lives. We continue to love you more and more with every passing year.
  4. May your innocence in your eyes and the purity of your face stay always remain with you. A very warm wish on a special occasion. Happy first birthday our superstar!
  5. A first birthday is special because it‘s the only time when you can eat your birthday cake with your hands, face or feet! Happy bday!

Birthday Quotes For New Baby:

  1. You are such an amazing child. You are a kind, smart, loving, patient and naughty son. Best birthday kiddo! I am hoping to see you reach every milestone and be successful.
  2. Hey toddler, you have started to walk and a little talk. Happy birthday baby boy, it feels amazing to see you growing. God bless you!
  3. You are my little cutie pie. Without seeing you every single day, I would die. So, Happy Birthday to the most adorable daughter in the world!
  4. Thank you for letting us celebrate your first year of life. Sending you hopes for joy and happiness on this year special day.
  5. Every day you have given us a gift, be it a smile, a little laugh or just the way you look at the world. Every little gift from you is irreplaceable and priceless, but it has filled the hearts of those around you with nothing but love.

Birthday Message For New Baby:

  1. A Tip for the New Parents: there are three primary emotional stages of development for a baby at this early age:  About to cry. Crying.  Just finished crying. Congratulations.
  2. Sending this birthday message to the cute little lady who has given everyone all the joy since she came into our lives! You are, no doubt, an angel!
  3. Sending our best wishes to you and your family on the arrival of your little bundle of joy!
  4. Your newborn is a sweetie because of a father so handsome and a mother so beautiful. Hahn! Freaking out here. Congratulations, you guys!
  5. Happy birthday, bud. Enjoy your Facebook wall filled with messages from people you don’t talk to.

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The birthday wishes for New Baby are really cute and they make the baby feel so special. You can find many different types of wishes and use them in different ways to make the baby feel loved. You can also use these ideas to create your own birthday wishes. Just be creative and have fun with it!

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