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  1. Happy 5th birthday, little boy! Everyone around you falls in love with you instantly, and it’s so easy to see why! We love you very much, now and always.
  2. Happy 5th birthday to you, naughty boy! You’re now at an age where you’re capable of getting some things done, such as blowing all the candles on your cake! Enjoy your journey, young man!
  3. You’re such a talented little boy and I’m certain that you’ll grow up to be successful someday. Remember that no matter what path you choose to take, I will be here to support you in everything. Happy 5th birthday kiddo! I love you!
  4. I hope that your 5th birthday is as wonderful as you are. You bring so much joy to everyone around you and I know that this year will be filled with lots of special moments.
  5. You are such a special boy, and we feel so lucky to be able to watch you grow up. Wishing you a very happy 5th birthday!
  6. I have never imagined how it feels like to be a mother, but five years ago, you let me have an encounter with it. Thank you, my boy. Happy 5th year birthday, my baby!
  7. You have no idea your presence has enlighten my life with all the happiness. Happy 5th birthday, my baby boy!
  8. A wonderful boy like you can bring lots of changes in a person’s life, I am so blessed that you are a part of our family, Happy 5th Birthday to you, dear. 

Birthday Wishes for 5 Year Old Boy:

  1. Now that you’re already five years old, you get to stay up a little bit later at night. But not until you start going to school! Until then, enjoy this moment of your life, my darling! Happy 5th birthday to you!
  2. There’s no doubt about it, you are one of the amazing 5 year olds! We hope you have a birthday that’s as awesome as you are!
  3. Happy birthday to an amazing 5 year old I know! May you grow up to be one of the finest men in the world! Keep on aiming high kiddo!
  4. I’m so glad you already made a choice out of the happy birthday wishes for 5 year old boy. May I know which of these wishes and quotes appealed to you and why?
  5. That’s why I’ve written the best and most original happy birthday wishes for 5 year old boy on your behalf. This will help you memorably celebrate your son as you craft the beautiful words on birthday cards or gifts for him.
  6. Be happy! Full of joy! Because this day is dedicated to you, the coolest 5-year-old in town, and the youngest while you’re at it. So try and stay this cool while you are growing up, and one day, you will be even cooler than your parents. Happy Birthday!
  7. I seriously can’t remember how it is being 5 years old, but If I judge from you, it must be amazing, so enjoy it now that you can. Happy birthday!

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