Truecaller is a caller identity fetcher app that allows you to know about the caller’s details even without saving their number on your phone. If you have a Truecaller app installed on your phone, then you can quickly know about spam and unwanted calls. It also offers a smart interface for maintaining your SMS and contacts on your phone. Truecaller provides both free and premium features for accessing it with some limitations. If you want to display your caller profile more professionally, then you can go for trying the premium version of the Truecaller app. The premium version also unlocks many other features that make the call management feature quite smarter on your phone.

Critical features of Truecaller premium

Truecaller already has a lot of features, but its premium version will filter those features and make your interface more comfortable. Some of the highlights for using Truecaller premium are as follows:-

  1. No ads:- You are bound to face google ads on the free version of Truecaller, but in the premium version, no popup and annoying ads are going to disturb you from accessing.
  2. Profile feature:- Premium feature if Truecaller will allow you to view who checked your profile. If some unknown or known person watched your profile, then you can know who viewed your profile without making them known. You will get a notification on SMS if more than three people viewed your profile and also every three days.
  3. Premium badge:- If you upgrade your account to premium, then you will get a premium badge from Truecaller next to your profile pic, it will make your profile different from other Truecaller users.
  4. Contact request:- You can search anyone and make a contact request to get their phone number if you have upgraded your account to the exact caller premium. You can make 30 contact requests per month.

What’s new in Truecaller premium?

  • Incognito mode:- With the help of this feature, you can view the profile of any user without getting them known.
  • Call recording:- In the premium version of Truecaller, you can record your calls. These call recordings will get saved directly to your file manager inside the Truecaller folder.
  • Powerful blocking:- Truecaller has made the blocking feature more advanced. You can block any known as well as an unknown number for example:- the premium version has various options like blocking spam calls, block calls from unknown numbers, Notifications for blocked numbers, and OTP fetching features.
  • Offers:- Truecaller also has started the option of recharge and bill payments. In the premium features, you will get more discounts and offers in comparison to the standard Truecaller account. It also has started a UPI money transfer feature inside the app.
  • Customer support:- Premium customers will always get priority from the customer service in comparison to free users. You have to stay a little longer until the queries of the premium members get resolved.

How to download Truecaller premium for an android device?

There is no particular download link available for accessing the Truecaller premium version. You have to download the free Truecaller app from the play store. Users can upgrade their standard profiles by paying the required subscription charges to access the benefits of the Truecaller premium app. The premium plans are available on a monthly and yearly basis. If you buy a premium feature for a month, then you can access all the features available on Truecaller till the end of the month. After the period of the plan, your correct caller id will again shift back to a regular account. But alternatively, you can also access the Truecaller premium app by searching for any Modded apk to get all the unlocked features. But, note that moded apk is not safe for your device as it may have some malware. You can try them at your own risk.


There are more than 130 million users of Truecaller in the world. Because of this reason, it is the best app for getting caller info for free. Still, the demand for using Truecaller premium is high among professionally working agencies and Web service providers. The premium feature gives a unique identity to the users about the legitimacy of the services. Thus, the true caller offers both free and premium features to create a difference among its users.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much Truecaller premium membership cost?

Truecaller charges you Rs 55 per month and Rs 318 for six months for using the premium feature. You can also take Truecaller gold membership by paying Rs 5000 annually.

Is my data safe if I buy Truecaller premium membership?

Truecaller claims that all the contact info that it takes from the phone is entirely safe. Till now, no complaints about any data leak recorded from Truecaller, but still, if you give priority to your data rather than using Truecaller, then you should ignore using Truecaller.

How does Truecaller identify the details of any number?

The first permission that Truecaller asks if the contact permission. Whenever someone sign up, it takes away all the contact information and save it t its database. When we search for a number, it brings out quickly the saved name from its database and displays the user profile.

How can I upgrade my account to the Truecaller premium?

Just below the profile section inside the all true caller gives you the option to upgrade to premium and gold. You can click on the upgrade button and pay the given amount for improving to a premium account.

What is Truecaller gold?

This feature is more advanced than the premium features. If you take the membership of Truecaller gold, your profile will get a golden caller, and you will also get a gold premium badge to your profile, which will give your profile a more classy look. It not only has all the features of Truecaller premium but also has some more advanced features of managing the call and SMS on your phone. The charges of using the Gold feature of Truecaller are much higher than the premium feature.

Can I use the Truecaller premium on iPhone?

Truecaller app is now available only on android. So, If you have an iPhone, you can’t benefit from using Truecaller. The iPhone cares much about user privacy and their data, so it doesn’t allow an app like Truecaller to take away the phone contacts. For this reason, you can’t use the Truecaller app on your iPhone.

What does Last seen indicate in Truecaller?

The last seen in Truecaller app means when did the app was last opened by the user or when it was last active. It is the same as the WhatsApp feature that shows your previous activity inside the app.

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