1. Road Rash

When someone falls off a motorcycle during a motorcycle crash they usually end up sliding across the pavement. Road rash is a lot more painful than a bruise or a scrape because you tend to scrape off several layers of your skin and in some instances, you might end up exposing your muscles underneath if you are pushed off your bike really hard. 

This is why it is very important to wear protective gear no matter the weather. Investing in riding pants, leather riding jackets, boots, and gloves can save you from severe road rash. You can get some information here if someone happens to run into you and makes you fly off your bike because they were not paying attention. 

2. Head and Neck

Injuring the head and neck is another common injury even when you are wearing a helmet which is why you want to invest in the best helmet you can get, to help protect your brain which is the most powerful organ in your body. It is not uncommon to suffer from a concussion or a skull fracture when you are in a motorcycle accident. 

3. Arms

When you are thrown off your bike, you do not have seatbelt protection which means that your first instinct might be to either hold your arms out or cradle yourself to minimize your fall. Either way, your arms will end up getting hurt or you might end up with broken bones from your own weight. 

4. Spinal Cord 

When a motorcycle lands on a rider's neck or back they might end up with a spinal cord injury. This injury can also happen if the person is pierced by an object in their back after the accident. Sadly, when a rider is injured in the spinal cord they might suffer from either temporary or permanent paralysis.

5. Foot and Leg Injuries

It is not common to have a broken or hurt foot and leg because your legs are exposed while you are riding. The most common foot and leg injuries include torn knee ligaments, broken foot, and leg bones, and twisted ankles.

In extreme circumstances, riders need to amputate a leg because they suffer a laceration to the leg and it won't stop bleeding.