1. Happy 23rd birthday to you my darling, I wish you laughter, joy, grace, long life and prosperity.
  2. Have as much fun as you can today baby because today is your big day. Enjoy every bit today sweetheart, happy 23rd birthday.
  3. Chapter 23 starts with a loud bang. A daughter and more! Sparkling eyes like crystals with skin as creamy as butter. Heart as golden as gold. You are a tall glass of sweet cream macchiato. Cheers to awesome years ahead!
  4. So much mischief in one so innocent looking! So much love dripping in one so young! So many great vibes and positivity, in one so serious! Happy 23rd birthday, darling daughter! You are an enigma, a breath of fresh air and a forever blessing that I adore to stupor. Cheers to a wonderful year!
  5. My baby girl is 23. I cannot believe how much you have grown. You are so tall now, so pretty and sexy with an adult figure. I am truly proud of the woman that you have become. You inspire me to be a better person and for that I will always thank you!

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Birthday Wishes for 23rd Year Old Daughter From Mother:

  1. God has kept you from day one till year 23, may He continue to lead you for the rest of your life. Happy birthday, daughter.
  2. You are light, daughter dearest. You are love. You are forever cherished by your doting parents. Doubt everything in this world. Everything, but God’s and our love for you. Never doubt that. Dad and mom love you, baby girl. Have a blast!
  3. Happiest 23rd birthday to our adorable wife. Two decades plus 3 is the new definition of great vibes and pure cruise. You’ll forever be our baby girl, darling daughter. Have a smashing celebration with massive love from your devoted parents. Cheers!
  4. Happy 23rd Day, Daughter! I pray that you will always know how truly loved you are.   May the Lord bless you with inner peace and joy today and always, as you continue to walk closer with him each day.
  5. Happy birthday my sweetest, prettiest daughter! I wish you all the best in life and strong health. May your heart be filled with joy and may you always have a smile on your face!

Birthday Wishes for 23rd Year Old Daughter From Father:

  1. Happy birthday to the best daughter in the universe. You deserve all the success, happiness and love in the world. Let’s celebrate this special day of your life together. Have an awesome birthday!
  2. Happy birthday to my beautiful little superstar! As you have done for many years now, I hope you continue to shine on this world for all the years to come, too.
  3. May your 23rd birthday be full of startling news, oodles of opportunities, meaningful friendships, and a great network to help you achieve big things in life. Happy 23rd birthday son!
  4. I wish you double of all that you wish yourself plus the good things people wish you on your special day. Happy birthday, daughter.
  5. My Daughter, you are more precious to me than words could ever express. Through every smile and frown I’m always here for you. I promise to love, protect and teach you, for all the years you have been born. On your special day I hope your life is full of happiness; I’ll be by your side throughout all eternity. Happy Birthday my little girl.

Happy 23rd Birthday to My Daughter:

  1. With every passing year you grow naughtier, smarter, cleverer, more beautiful, more caring, more fun and more mature. Is this for real or am I just being an emotional parent? Haha. Happy Birthday dear daughter.
  2. My beautiful daughter, you have grown into the most beautiful woman in the whole world. I can’t believe you are 23 and quickly approaching 24. My little girl is all grown up and turning into a wonderful, smart, sweet and precious lady!
  3. I hope that today I can see your sweetest smile because it’s your 23rd birthday. I pray that every day will be filled with happiness. Best 23rd birthday dear!
  4. Happy birthday to the greatest and most beautiful human being in this world. I love you to infinity and beyond. Keep shining and stay blessed!
  5. It is a great joy in my heart that I celebrate my darling daughter as she clocks plus one today, I wish you all the good and beautiful things in life.

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