Product Specification

  • Speaker Type: Tower
  • Brand: JBL
  • Mounting Type: Floor Standing
  • Audio Output Mode: Surround
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 16.5 x 12.8 x 49 inches


  • These speakers have very good sound quality
  • It is very simple to use
  • Great for a small home theater system
  • Satisfying bass
  • Neutral sound
  • No distortion at high levels
  • Excellent value with discounted price


  • You can't adjust the treble or the bass separately
  • Does not have Bluetooth, an HDMI port or USB connectivity
  • No magnetic grilles
  • Only two color variations
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  • Low-frequency transducers with PolyPlas cones, dual 8-inch transducers
  • a single inch Compressions Driver with a High Frequency
  • ABS with a glass fill 3/4-Inch Bi-Radial High-Frequency Horn MDF Enclosure with Ultra-Rigged Surfaces
  • Exclusive Design Elements
  • One-Inch Compression Driver with a High-Frequency ABS Horn.
  • The Bi-Radial High-Frequency compression driver Horn.

Why Buy This Product?

When compared with other speakers in this price range, JBL Studio 590 is a very good choice for both movies and music. It’s great for all types of listening experiences, whether it’s playing music or watching movies. Some of the most notable pros included its design, radial high-frequency horn, delivers professional-level sound quality, and the value of big speakers which produce powerful sound.

Our Product Unboxing Journey:

I ordered the Studio 590 speakers. This speaker is running at 100 watts peak input with a frequency range of 40 Hz to 24 kHz of recommended amplifier power with professional-level sound. The delivery time was 3-5 days, and I received it 2 days before the estimated time which was standard for this online store.


When I first got my speakers, they were very well packaged. Everything from the exterior to its contents was wrapped in a protective layer which prevented any damage during shipment. Upon opening everything up, there was a very easy step-by-step guide to set up the system. The only other things included were a power cable and an RCA cable.

I’m very happy with my decision to buy these speakers over all the other studio monitors I have listened to. I would definitely buy this again.

Know Everything about JBL Speakers Studio 590 - Buying Guide:

So here are all the facts and features in detail so you could buy the new model of JBL Studio 590.


The speakers' design is very modern and minimalistic. The JBL logo sits at the center of each speaker. Both the top and front panels are made of wood, which gives it an elegant look as well as some added weight. There are 4 threaded keyholes on each speaker which makes it easy to mount on a wall or stand if needed cast frames of bare wire.

Sound Quality:

The sound quality is incredibly clear. It reproduces music and gives it a real depth, and the bass response is powerful but very comforting as well. You can use this speaker to both listen to music and watch movies and you are sure not to be disappointed with how clear everything sounds!

High-Frequency Compression Driver:

It is designed with a dynamic element to produce high sound levels in upper frequencies above 3.5 kHz. This means it provides users with incredibly accurate and clean mid tones as well as rich-sounding bass, which is strong and powerful but also has underlying details that come through in the music. To achieve this, it uses what’s known as a damped textile dome tweeter. This textile tweeter is heat-resistant so it can be pushed flat up to 35kHz. It also uses a raised magnet design which helps keep the voice coil cool at all times.


JBL Studio 590 is an affordable pair of studio monitors that features a coaxial driver. One of the top-rated features of this particular model is its design, which includes a rosewood-veneered cabinet as well as a metal phase plug in the woofer to improve the bass response. If you’re looking for professional speakers that deliver great value to your sound which should definitely be one of your top choices.


JBL Studio 590 has RCA and XLR inputs, which makes it an ideal choice for home theater systems. There’s also a switch to make the speakers either mono or stereo high-frequency output of the listening environment.

Internal Hardware:

When it comes to internal components, Studio 590 is equipped with JBL transducers which are made up of low-frequency drivers. Both the subwoofer and satellites feature 8-inch (200mm) woofers that have PolyPlas cones for efficient control. The high-frequency transducer is Bi-Radial with an ultra-rigged surface that helps it move quickly and track more accurately for less distortion like removal of sound interference even with conventional high frequency.


The crossover in the JBL studio speakers is set at 1.5kHz, midrange drivers, which is slightly lower than what we usually see, but the low-loss, two-and-a-half-way crossover network ensures a smooth transition between the low-frequency transducers and the high-frequency compression drivers/horn with less distortion and sound colouration. It is similar to the Studio 580 in symmetrical field geometry of floor standing speaker where glass filled abs & bi radial connectors are present.


The Studio 590 boasts connectivity options like RCA and XLR inputs of ribbed polyps woofer cones of non-parallel surfaces. You can either make it mono or stereo depending on your preference. There’s also a switch to make the change of mode of speakers, although this isn’t necessary because, in stereo mode, they’re automatically routed to the appropriate channel for proper audio reproduction in symmetrical field geometry and produce articulate sound with beats listening.


The JBL Studio 590’s design is a winner. It has a very compact size that can fit almost anywhere without drawing too much attention to itself, but the real standout feature here is how solid it feels at first touch. There is no flex in the cabinet, and everything just feels premium, thanks to its heavy-duty construction of rubber surrounded by high-frequency drivers.

This floorstanding loudspeaker has a very practical design that allows it to sit in multiple positions of powerful highly focused bass. Its fine-tuning capabilities & stereo imaging make it ideal for use at home theatres and music studios equally well.

Bass Performance:

Satellite speakers deliver an impressive performance when used with the subwoofer, but they also work independently without the bass box if you just want to use them as desktop speakers.

The Studio 590s have a near-flat response which suited our tastes just fine, but if you’re looking for more of an extra kick of low end, the bass can be dialled up or down depending on how much resonance you want to add.

JBL studio 590 is best for people who are after high-quality sound to suit their studio or home theatre needs with bass output. If you are always searching for the perfect mix of sound’s quality, design, value and performance then this speaker is your best option. Overall very good high-end multimedia speakers with an attractive price tag to match.


The Studio 590s do a brilliant job of giving you an immersive experience that’s perfect for giving movie theater feel while watching your favourite action or horror flick. Explosions have the power to rattle your entire being, while dialogue remains crisp and easy to understand.


If you’re looking for speakers with high-end performance, you needn’t look any further. Studio 590s have a warm sound signature that makes them one of the best speakers for listening to music. Even slightly unoptimized tracks sounded great on these speakers, which is all thanks to its lively bass and treble frequencies sound stage.

This is an overall solid speaker system with dedicated hardware support for Bluetooth streaming. It has high-quality components that deliver premium performance to all your entertainment needs.


So there you have it! A studio monitor that can be both an amazing pick for your home and a pleasure to use every day. With these speakers, JBL Studio 590 is definitely a speaker set worth buying.

The JBL Studio 590 is a very popular speaker on the market for consumer speakers because of its solid sound quality for its price range and new appealing feature that allows users to connect multiple types of output cables such as fiber optic or standard RCA. Though some would like it more if it took Bluetooth connections, the pin connectors can be changed with relative ease, as long as you know how to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can One Connect The Computer to Play Music And Use The Speaker For TV?

Yes, you can connect your PC or laptop using an audio jack such as a 1/4 (TS) or RCA connection. You can also run audio from other devices through their auxiliary input port bi-wire capable. However, there is no dedicated TV connection on Studio 590.

Are These Speakers Compatible With Other Devices Like Turntables?

Yes, the Studio 590 accepts inputs from audio sources such as turntables thanks to its auxiliary input port of dual low frequency transducers.

What is The Wattage of Each Speaker?

Each speaker has a power capacity of 100 watts RMS and 200 watts peak power. The subwoofer has 100 watts of RMS power of conventional midrange.

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